Marakas: The Mighty Dragon

This is Marakas, one of the three mighty dragons, created by a dark force, to destroy and make fear between the villages of the matoran. Who will defeat them? The toa need to arrive and get rid of this stinky dragons!
And yeah, Marakas is one of the stinkiest Dragons. But he is really powerful. He has the element of water, using it to flood the helpless matorans.

Good recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!


OK so this moc is very busy and pretty awkward. Is very hard for me to look at it. It is inconsistent in some points, it has open ball joints, it doesn’t have an eye piece in the back of his head, the colour scheme is broke in some places, etc.
Did I said that he is busy? Well I’ll say it again. It is busy to the point where I can’t see it. I am wondering how this thing can even move.

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The entire moc is messy, as is the colour scheme. The Power Miners wheels as feet just doesn’t work. The torso looks gappy, and the wings are unnecessarily bulky. The horns look off on the eyeless head.

I usually try to find a good thing about the moc, in this case the best part is the Nokama head on the shadow trap, which isn’t the best custom head ever, but it’s ok.

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~It’s only logical


i was thinking how some people make such bad mocs and then remembered some things in the canon like some of the dark hunters some of those look really bad

this looks like that kind of style

like airwatcher and hordika dragons


Let me play the maracas first before i comment