Marakuu, Creature of Gravity (Also Lantaa Too)

Marakuu is very strong willed and serious.

I was going to add some fabric to cover the wings, but that proved to be very difficult.

I also revamped Lantaa’s torso, so now its less bootleg.

These two are opposites in every way.

Tell me what you think!


I like it. It has just the right amount of gold, and in just the right places. Alot in the front, diminishing in quantity down until the solid black tail. Brilliant.


Very nice! I love how well the golden spikes flow with the design.

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These are both really cool!


These definitely give off more of a mystical and legendary spirits vibe than the original creatures


Good that’s the point! I wanted these creatures to feel more like the physical embodiment of the elements more than a pet for the Toa.

Also I just realized that the top words I put together for it’s name would mean “moon moon” WHAT HAVE I DONE!

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This flows extremely well, it’s great.


These two look amazing.

I especially like the wings on Marakuu.

I think you deserve a Turtle…


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It’s byoutiful!

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I like this, alot. I don’t think the wings need the fabric to be effective. Looks great the way it is.

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Well I mean it could probably just manipulate gravity to hover around, but for a wyvern that would look kinda dumb.

They look cool, and I guess Marakuu could be considered the true purple dragon.

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This looks great, maybe you could make a blue creature

I will most likely make one for just about each element if I ever get more heads, I won’t rush my self to do gen though. I want to make sure they’re not half baked so to say, I’ve been adjusting this one for months.