Marcol [G3 Self-MOC][Non-Canon]

I was going to put this in the Brickonicle MOC topic, but then someone said to make topics for things instead. So heres my first topic, Oh and I made the picture on Photoshop using some of @Noupix designs…


Sex: Male
Age (Years 1-3): 15-17
Element: Air

  • Strength: 6
  • Toughness: 8
  • Agility: 6
  • Mind: 4

Primary Occupation: Pearl Diver,
Secondary Occupation(s): Inventor, Rahi Lover
Tools: Diving knives, Bag of Rahi food, Aqua Jet Booster
Mask: (Does it have to be G1?) Mask of Tree-cutting

Personality: Care free, Mild tempered, Happy,

Motto: Rahi aren’t mean, just hungry.

Description: Marcol is the son of a Mangai-Kanaean and a pure Kanaean. He lives in a small village that dives for and sells pearls on the edge of Naho. When he was young his family went shopping for the expensive pearl jewelry there. When they left he was accidently forgotten and his parents didn’t come back to get him. He was taken in by the people of the village, who taught him different skills like swimming and net making. He eventually became apprenticed to two old pearl divers, Viti and Malkus. Viti taught Marcol deep breathing and swimming skills, while Malkus taught him knife handling and how to fight. He also learned where to find certain plants and Rahi. To swim better he created his Aqua Jet Booster, which can propel him quickly through the waves if he has to make a quick escape. He loves his life in the village and he considers most of them his family. His large love of Rahi also prompts him to keep a bag of Rahi food with him wherever he goes, so he can give them a snack and a hug.


I mainly made the G1 mask rule because the G1 masks look better (imo), but I really like this mask design!

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