Marendar - Mark II

To be honest, I’ve never really had much idea for what I’d wanted Marendar to look like other than I wanted it to transform. I’d have gladly made a Marendar MOC a long time ago, possibly in preparation for the ill-fated canon contest, but there was one problem: I had no idea how to make transformers. However, I think I’ve finally managed to come up with something. Thus, I am glad to present Marendar - Mark II.
(Why Mark II? I did make a Mark I just to test the waters, but that one still had some issues–particularly its height–that needed correcting. I’ve posted Mark I elsewhere online if you want to look for it.)

Marendar is constructed using a unique material known to few other than the Great Beings and one that would be completely alien to the Toa (my in-universe justification for using CCBS). It fights with sheer ferocity but displays no emotion at all.
Marendar’s robot mode wields two swords which can easily deflect or even absorb a Toa’s elemental energies and two arm-mounted shields on its back which primarily aid in defense or keeping numbers of Toa away while it focuses on one at a time.

In vehicle mode, Marendar is a small jet-like craft that can soar across the Magnan sky at velocities approaching three times the speed of sound, ever searching for Toa to destroy and Agori to save.

Height Comparison

One of the only things we know of Marendar from word of Greg is that it is slightly larger than a Toa, so here is a comparison between Marendar and Orde, one of the Yesterday Crew whom it surely would’ve fought had The Powers that Be continued.


  • This MOC contains 69 pieces, which is relatively simple for a MOC of this size.
  • As stated before, this model was first made in real life as a prototype using whatever pieces I had before importing into Studio. This goes for both Marks so far. As expected, posing it in Studio was much more tedious.
  • My in-universe explanation aside, I have two reasons as to why I used CCBS for this figure: 1) Bioformers are a new concept to me, so I wanted to stick with a relatively simple system. 2) I believe that if Marendar ever got an official set, it probably would’ve used CCBS.
  • I am not confident in this MOC’s colors. If and when I ever make a Mark III, it will probably try a more daring color scheme.

I like that he is a Bioformer here, pretty unique.


this is cool, but a little too simple for my tastes. I like the transforming gimmick though.



oo very fun!

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Yeah, I’ll concede that, apart from the gimmick, this Marendar is much simpler than other people’s versions. Apart from being new to bioformers and wanting to stick to a system I was more comfortable with, I don’t think Marendar should look all that threatening at first glance; its name means “salvation” after all.

I like the idea of him being a bioformer, kinda makes sense that he would transform into something

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