Marendar - Version #2 - Spherus Magna's Salvation

Behold Marendar! Scourge of the Toa and the salvation of Spherus Magna.

This is my second attempt at making a version of Marendar. I based it off of community member Synnova32 wonderful Marendar moc and drawing. You can see it right here from an older post Lots of Mocs - Toa, Titans, and even a Vehicle - #6 by Synnova32 Huge shout-out Synova! This all means I tried to make the Color-scheme primarily white, grey, and trans-orange. There is also some gun-metal/pearl dark grey pieces too. It was actually quite difficult attempting to balance all 4 colors.

I think the only thing I dislike about this version is there is no knee articulation, the green one had knees. Ankle and hips have full articulation and the torso has so much its hard to count, even working shoulder-blades.

I disassembled my old green Marendar to harvest its part to complete Toa Kongu and Toa Mata Nui. Here it is for comparison. Let me know which one you like better!

EDIT: I have fixed the waist.

Instead of using Inika limbs I used a few more CCBS parts I had in grey to make a joint chain. Surprisingly this has helped tremendously with the stability. Ideally I’d like to use pistons but I’m building Toa Mata Nui (waiting on a few technic pieces from pick-a-brick) which took the rest of my spare pistons away.

I’ve also added some technic tubes for some aesthetic flare. Let me know if it works, I love all the C&C and take everyone’s feedback into account when adjusting my mocs, it helps me be creative with what I have and think outside of the box. Thanks everyone!


The waist feels super thin. Have you thought about adding pistons like you did on green 'dar?


I’d love to use some pistons at the waist, cause i agree it does look a bit thin. Unfortunately Toa Mata Nui uses like 6 pistons which was all I had.

I was scratching my head trying to think of what to do cause the friction piece does a lot of work to keep it stable and doesn’t always work. If i come up with something or get a parts bag with more pistons i’ll post and update :grinning:


You could make some simple chains of joints (basically just an Inika-build limb) and connect them at the hips and upper torso. It might not help too much with the stability, but it would at least add some bulk. Even just connecting some flexible hoses between the hips and chest area could help with the appearance in the same way that the pistons did (albeit while doing nothing to help with stability).


I think overall the new orange-y Marendar is a good upgrade to the green one! However, I think the fins and jets the green one had are a nice touch and I prefer them over the cannons on the new one. That’s just my preference though.

White and trans-orange has to be the best color pairing for this guy that I’ve seen! The new limbs look amazing, and I love the ribcage-like structure right above the waist. Concerning the waist, I agree it’s a bit thin. Try using some Metru chest pieces tacked onto the Vahki waist to make the lower bit thicker, and something like Tuma’s and Rotor’s waists could work, where they just have Av-Matoran limbs fixed on to make them sturdier. Overall, it’s a striking MOC! Good job!


Yeah, that’s more or less what I was thinking.

I’m sure the stability is great, and it really helps with the appearance as well. The other new little bits on the front look good too.