Maripi the Mask Maker

This is the Forge of Maripi, the Bo-Matoran Mask Maker! This is a more recent build for a contest on Instagram, so I figured I’d share it here too. Her right hand was damaged in an accident which also took her right leg, theres now a large mitt on her hand, and a fully mechanical replacement leg. She’s got a forge, built in bellows, an anvil, cooling stand two hammers, and her pet Fire Nghata, Raukiki (who likes to “chill” on the cooling stand) :snail: Let me know if you like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Did I mention the Forge Lights up? :sunglasses::fire:


I love all the added accessories! The Bo-Matoran looks more like a Bo-Toa though


This is really great, makes me wish we actually got background models with the actual bionicle sets. The forge looks amazing with the light up feature and the anvil design looks great. Good job :+1:

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Cool. I like all the little details you added to the forge.

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Really neat, instead of mitt mabey a robotic hand? The leg looks cool but mabey more grey/silver for a robotic look.

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@boxxer @stoax Thanks guys :relaxed:

@Rockho what do you mean?

@Sealman133 my goal was to emulate the kinda ceremonial mitts in this scene from the original Clone Wars specials (2:07:52)

He’s tall, lanky, and sports a Nuva chest armor. Matoran are usually short and stubby with little to no armor.

Ahh you mean like a skins glove am s huge Star Wars fan, of the original three that is, that makes sense you could use a brown colored hand, so it would look like a glove??!

@Rockho I guess she’s a tall Matoran yeah, but she’d be a tiny Toa haha

@Sealman133 I like the parts I use just fine, but thanks haha

It does look good.

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The appearance doesn’t give a “forger” vibe and may look awkward at some areas.
The Forge is a nice little build-