Marking posts as read

Sometimes, when I'm reading a topic, the little blue dots next to unread posts don't go away. I stare at them for a long time, yet there they are. And it still says the topic is unread when I go to another topic. Any idea why this happens/how to fix it?


That happens to me too. I has no clue why.

My unread posts list does this as well. I find refreshing the page to usually help.

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this has happened to me too, don't know what to do about it

This is usually because the boards are down, and can't fully connect with the client. I might be pulling these words out of my butt, so don't take them seriously until someone in charge like Kahi or Var respond.


It sounds plausible, anyway

Whenever this happens to me, I just close the tab and re-open it and it works just fine.

Actually this might be correct, since Chrome does momentarily show "Waiting for" while scrolling a topic with new posts, when the blue dots are disappearing. (It doesn't do that when they don't disappear.)

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When this happens it is usually any of the following problems:

-Site is down for behind the scenes reasons.
-Your internet connection had a hiccup.
-One of the administrators have temporarily turned on read only mode.