Marlo, Knight of the Everlasting Sun

Marlo is the most decorated knight in the Knights of the New World. He wields the greatsword Light in the Abyss. He is tasked with providing battle strategies for the Sanctuary's armies against the Droids.
(Creator's Note: It's not my best MOC, but hey, no Nuva Boobs on this one, eh?)


I wish you could've chosen something other than the Kanohi Hau, but I guess it's fine....

His proportions are odd, and the texture clash is a bit more... obvious? His color scheme works excellently though, great distribution and contrast. Overall, he's my least favorite of the three, even though he's still pretty good.

I think his lower legs need more texture cohesion, but overall it's a good moc.

For some odd reason, I first read his names as Mario instead of Marlo

Here we go!

He looks really generic

Plus his crotch is like
very weird
and flat

It's good otherwise

He keeps the buff look consistent throughout the MOC, but you should use something to cover up those open axles.

The MOC is strange to me because it looks great from some angles and alright from others, but overall it looks awesome!

This does not look like a Toa of the Sun

Use gold to replace the red and the metal grey

...But he ain't a Toa.
At least, that's what I'm assuming. There's no mention of Bonkle terms here.

Nice MOC, I like the use of thornax launcher pieces to create the flag.

Correct you are, good sir.

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I love the look of this one, I can't figure out why, but it seems so cool to me.

Nice color scheme. Looks really cool, especially as a team!