Martial Arts

So, does anyone here practice them or enjoy them? I am progressing in Kenpo, a variation on Karate. What have you done?


Yes and no. Yes, I practice my own style of sword fighting. No, I don't practice and styles, and I don't do anything professionally. My gear is so bootleg, I use PVS pipe as a sword.


My lil' bro does karate. He's pretty good, too.

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Once I had to fight a seventh grader during practice. That kid was vicious. I will never look at a little kid the same way ever again.


I went to karate classes for about 2 years when I was much younger.

The belt levels were a bit odd for the younger age group classes.
An example being that the last belt I got (before quitting) was a half orange and half green belt.

After (and before) classes the head sensei would smoke,which caused me to sneeze more (cause I have always sneezed regularly throughout the day).
The rest of the senseis would go over to the donut diner across the street.

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My first experience with karate was in a 'dojo' with limited heating in California. I didn't last very long. However, now I take private lessons from an ex-marine and current police officer in a home with a nice climate, so that's great.

I took Karate for about three months when was eight.

Never again.

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I take Karate Tae Kwon Do. It's fun.
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I practice Shastar Vidya (translates literally to "The art/science of the sword") though its also known as Gatka. It mostly involves Indo-Persian swords and knives and things. Though my teacher has taught me some European weapons and techniques. Its a mostly easy martial art but it involves a lot of getting into the other guy(s) head.

I practice Tae-Kwon-Do and Northern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu.

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I used to be quite the proficient fencer, and was our teams MVP for about a year until I underwent surgery and stopped practicing for a while.

I have a bow in the locker, but all of the arrows either broke, or don't have tips/fletchings. Used to practice with it almost daily a few years back, don't do much with it anymore than show off and take it out to the countryside.

Currently, I practice kendo and have for a little over two years now, is gud.

I used to practice Judo and Tae-kwon-do, was relatively decent at it, but never went anywhere or did anything, and dropped them both after a year, respectively.

I take Karate classes.

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I live under a rock in the middle of nowhere, but if that wasn't the case I'd like to try it out. Not sure what variation...

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I used to do Tang-Soo-Do. Basically, it's the Korean equivalent of karate. I'd like to get back into some form of martial arts again, I'll have to check if my college has a class for something of the sort.

Took Karate for three years, from when I was seven to about ten years old. I just got bored of it.

Update: I have gotten back into fencing after 2 or so years of inactivity. Time to reclaim my court from these young'ns.


I'm learning how to fight using Escrima sticks

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I get to master a weapon when I get a fifth degree black belt. I'll be lucky to be alive by the time that happens.

I kinda know a bit of boxing, but everytime I punch something I start crying. I'm not strong :cry:


Way back when I was around 8, I took Karate

I reached Orange belt

Then I just kinda


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