Marvel VS DC Discussion Topic thing

Is it that self explanatory? Does this need explaining?

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Why can't we just coexist. Why can't we just be friends, like Bob Kane and Stan Lee.


This war has torn the geek society limb from limb.
The issue must be dealt with I think


Marvel has better comics and movies.
DC has a better AU.
That is all I can contribute, thank you.

Because we are human beings.

Geek society...? Nah. Geeks don't care about who likes what when it comes to comics.

Marvel has had misfires in the past bud (Heroes reborn/2003 hulk) don't just generalize it like that. I know DC has a really shaky history with movies but their not ALL bad.

Marvel never had an official animation studio to actually make an AU until about now.

I feel like this debate is well and down with and really the only reason its around is because of the MCU/DCmovieuniverse creating pseudo nerds that think is this a relevant debate.

To quote The Weekly Planet Podcast "What is the level?" (In relation to everyone's comic book knowledge)


Aw yes. Another Wackadoodleydoo (or somehting like that)
I'm judging off of what is going on right now, and perhaps Marvel can redeem their AU in the future, but not while that unforgivable abomination Ultimate Spider-Man still exists

Now I don't keep up with spiderman and his buddies. (At all)

Is his current series linked to any other marvel cartoon series? An Animated Universe kinda implies they take place in the same universe. If it doesn't then its just a bad series and has nothing to do with marvels AU.

They have other characters, in the same style as Avengers Assemble, appear, such as Iron Man and Captain 'Murica. They've also had crossovers a few times with Agents of S.M.A.S.H, so I assume it's linked, but I've never found out for sure, and every time I look it up I can't find anything about its inclusion in the AU. Points to whoever can.

I'm just gonna throw my 2 cents in.

I've never read Marvel Comics, and don't think I ever will.
I am not familiar with the characters, stories, shows, etc. I know nothing except what's in the MCU..

I would rather get DC.
It's what I grew up with, I'm familiar with the shows, movies, stories, characters, universes. I grew up with the DC Animated Universe-kinda, JL, JLU, TT.
When I was little, I never new what Marvel was, it was what made Spiderman, that's all I knew.

Now, this is all personal opinion so there's no point trying to convince me to read Marvel.

Same here, I was raised on Marvel and am just now getting into DC. The only DC I had as a kid was JL and JLU, which is probably why I like their AU better than Marvel's.

I prefer Marvel because, to me, I can believe a lot of the stuff in their comics than DC.

Marvel was the first one to attempt to break the rules and make realistic but amazing comics, with Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Hulk, and Spider-Man. And it all came from one grand mind, Stan Lee.

They were the first to incorporate a black super-hero (Black Panther), they were the first to dismiss the comic code and make an anti-drug issue (Spider-Man's anti-drug comic), and they were the first to add their own rating system for their comics, instead of following the comic code. DC only followed in these footsteps, while Marvel took the risk.

One of Marvel's biggest risks was the MCU. If Iron Man was a flop, the MCU would probably have never been made and Marvel probably would have gone bankrupt again. Fortunately, Iron Man was a success and ended up making one of the most extensive movie series of all time: The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Who, might I add, wasn't forced at all. Marvel produced him because they like the idea of an African king who knew a lot of martial arts and was sick of the crime and injustice in the world. It wasn't "Oh shoot, civil rights movement is happening, let's make a character" it was "This sounds like a really cool idea." That earns them even more respect points, IMO.


Meh. I like both.

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Marvel: Cool!
DC: Cool!

That's all.

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in my opinion




gonna go with DC for the time being

TV shows
I'm gonna have to say Marvel (even though I love flash)


what does AU mean? sorry, me is scrub

Animated Universe


Marvel is waaaay better than DC.
The superheroes are much better, I would always like Iron Man, Cap. America and even Deadpool more than Batman, Superman and Deadstroke. The story actually have a continuity, and the movies are much better (and a lot more!).

From the standpoint of the current movies, Marvel is definitely better, seeing as DC has made one really good film in their cinematic universe, while the rest were bad. MCU has been just meh at worst (looking at you Thor 2), but not downright awful like Batman V Superman or Suicide Squad. However, I would say that if we’re looking at all DC and Marvel films inside and outside their cinematic universe, I’ll say that when DC has made a good film, I tend to think it’s even better than most of Marvel’s films. Imo, Wonder Woman was better than a good chunk of Marvel’s origins story films, and like many, I do consider The Dark Knight one of the best films ever made (however, I’ve heard things that Logan would be a contender for this). Overall, I’d still say I prefer Marvel, but whenever DC gets something right it’s very much worthwhile.

I’m not much of comic book reader, but I’ve heard they’ve both gone downhill the last couple years. From what I’ve heard from others, Marvel is doing a bit better at the moment.


This is just your opinion. I never saw a DC film. And yes, their gone downhill because they started to do a lot of movies.