Marvel's Daredevil!

I agree. I'm only just starting episode 7 now though. Is anyone else using Series-Cravings to watch?

New pictures for Daredevil Season 2!


The lady that is supposedly supposed to be Elektra!


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So the trailer was released and I am officialy more hyped for this then civil war

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So, new season right.
I started watching it just a few hours after it was released, I had to finish my season one re-viewing (Because I forgot how many episodes there where).
So I watched the first 5 episodes.
It was about 4 am.
Now I have slept, probably for too long.
I have just started episode 6, and I am enjoying it so far, maybe a little less then the first season, and Jessica Jones, but The Punisher is good, I really like him, and he better return, with some kinda skull shirt.
I will probably give some more thoughts when I finish the series...


Season 2 is great. I loved every second of it! The character development is really great and the action is very well executed. (My favourite scene would have to be the fight scene in episode 3.) I also really liked Elektra and especially Punisher and Jon Bernthals performance. Here's to hoping there's at least a Punisher mini-series. I watched 12 of the 13 episodes the day it came out :weary: It was worth it though :stuck_out_tongue:

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So I finished Daredevil Season 2

I'm sad Nelson and Murdock broke up, but at least Karen knows that Matt is Daredevil. Hopefully he can help build up the office again with her while Foggy has a better career ahead of him. The chemistry was pretty good though.

As for Punisher, I feel we didn't get enough of him in his skull outfit. Hopefully Daredevil gets another season so we can see Punisher again. Or, better yet, Punisher gets his OWN series.

As for Elektra, she was alright. Really wish they had their own take on the character a little more than they did. It seems she was just that romantic partner like she was in the comics, unfortunately. I mean she did have that Black Sky thing going on which was interesting, but meh.

They still didn't explain how Nobu came back very well. I'm still confused for that. At least Stick is still technically a good guy.

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Season 2 was really good

Oh no doubt, I just feel like there were a few problems that I took issue with.

I love the Hallway fight scenes. If I could marry any scene in any show ever it'd be the Hallway fight scenes.

Also my parents cancelled our Netflix upon finding out that I had been watching a disturbing amount of Sex and the City so I can't watch the new season when it comes out.

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I was going to NYC for the first time a few weeks ago, and to get into mood of the city I downloaded some episodes of the show for the flight. I’m hooked. The story, fights, and everything else are fantastic. It makes the CW superhero shows I force myself to watch look like garbage.

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I should probably know this, but CW?

The channel- shows like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Supergirl, etc

Oh ok.

Shoot! Right as I get into it, cancelled.

I’d assume Either defenders is coming back or there’s gonna be a ton of new stuff coming

It’s got to be the Disney streaming service. Netflix is competition now. Best case scenerio, we’ll get a new show with all of the netflix characters on that. They’re doing a Loki show, which makes no sense to me. I’m worried this is like a Clone Wars/Rebels type thing, where Disney cancells a great show and replaces it with a lesser show on their own channel. I have faith they can do it well, but I’m concerned.

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I have heard that Dardevil just got cancelled, not sure if it's true or not.

That’s what saber just said

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