Mask of Hype

What's the Hype Train if not driven by the wearer of the Mask of Hype?

This is something I did awhile back on Microsoft Paint. It's meant to represent what the overhypeness of the fandom actually looks like, while still remaining AWESOME.

Enjoy and critique!


One of the better pieces of MS paint art I've seen on here. At least you use the talent for the better. You know what that means, other users? Now your expectations are higher from me!


you seriously used ms paint
* claps *
wow seriously? this is really good
@Chronicler me being the one who is known for making very absurd horrible looking drawings using ms paint, say that I have no talent when it comes to drawing, I suck at drawing

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That is a really cool design for a mask! I do wonder why you used Agori-style writing in the image, but it's still pretty nice!

I think anyone can get better at drawing, we just have different styles. Perhaps you should not draw on MS paint. Most of the time, things don't turn out well on there, unless your really good at it. I say start on paper, and learn to get better.

well thats referaring to irl drawings too, I cant keep my hand steady so my drawings just look all wonky and bad
actually I use ms paint cause that just adds to the fact that I make the drawings as a joke

Wacky drawings can be pretty good, too. Have you ever seen some of the old Nickelodeon cartoons? A lot of them had terrible designs, and they where joke characters.

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trust me, they look bad, I mean BAD, maybe ill be better in the future but for now ..actually I dont really care much to bother trying improving, I use my bad to make other people laugh, I think it works, so I am leaving it

Actually, that style first appeared in 2004 for the Metru Nui theme.

And thanks, guys!

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The worst is not always the funniest, though. I'm just saying to improve, because I actually am getting kinda annoyed by the same jokes over and over again. It's funny at first, but gets old soon. If your going to do that, add something new, ya know? Something that distinguishes you from the other MS paint artists who do it for comedy.

Don't you mean in 2006, when the Inika came out?

Edit; Double post, fixed by Scarilian

Yes, thanks for the correction.

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Your welcome. I was going to say... If they where in 2004, I must've missed something big.

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meh it seems to entertain people, but there isnt much I can real do to display a joke..or well not that I can think of
a jokes a joke, its your opinion when it somes to long running jokes, not others, if many other people hate it I will stop
until that time maybe ill think of something
actually there isnt much

Yeah, I always thought it was 2004. I could've sworn I read it somewhere... Ah, well.

@potay8o Trust me, I used to write comedic comics when I was younger. Just look at the imperfections of life, something everyone can relate to, and joke around with it. That's what a lot of comedians do. smile

@JakuraNuva Trust me, I've also confused certain plot devices with other years. I think everyone does it. Just remember it's 2006 from now on. wink

I think that would be better as the Mask of Creation. It actually fits the description nicely.

"His mask was the most ornate anyone had ever seen – more than just a Kanohi, it was a true work of art. The metallic protodermis from which it was forged was arranged in intricate patterns and designs, each reflecting one of the many cultures that flourished in the universe. The eye slits were angular and pointed, giving him an air of both wisdom and a vague sense of menace."

Edit; Double post, fixed by Scarilian

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You're the first to suggest that... In that case, I'm taking back these photos and renaming them stuck_out_tongue

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It was just a suggestion, but a good one, at that. I would agree the mask looks good as the Mask of Creation, with the slit eyes and intricate patterns, and even had writing on the front! (Something I never thought of!)

No, you're right - I hadn't even considered that before. I'm definitely doing that.

I'll have to have the language say something else, though.

The mask of hype powers the hype train

Kanohi Montatura

"Join us on the hype train."

^The text on the piecture

"Bionicle returns 2015"

^The Mask itself.

For those who can't read.

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