Mask of Ultimate Power

As promised, here is the Mask of Ultimate Power, minus the smokey stuff. I had to take a lot of creative license in making it because... well there was really nothing to work on. I mostly took the Mask of Creation and chopped it up, then added some special effects and the glowing bits, which were inspired by a drawing done by someone else here. The six colors obviously represent the six elements of Okoto. Compared to Omega Tahu's mask, which took <1 hour, this one was probably a 2+ hour project.

As usual, you can download the mask from my Photobucket, with or without background. Note that I made it specifically for a pure black background and so it may not look best on other colors. You can use it for any purpose so long as you don't claim it as your own, yadda yadda:


Well done.

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I'm willing to bet the real version will look quite a bit different, but this is a very nice interpretation.

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Looks really intimidating. Really really well done.

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(great image, really looks evil and powerful)

WHHHooooooOOOOAAAaaaa ddDDDUUuuuuDDDddEEE!!!!!!


but what if the Mask of Ultimate is really the Mask of Life?

What if?

Mind = Blown.