Mask of Whirlpools

An ancient mask which grants the user the ability to create whirlpools. It also can slightly allow the wearer to use water as well.

Threw this together for the BionicleMaskMaker challenge, and figured I’d post it here.

Comments are welcome!





#Build Internals (face)

#Build Internals (top)

#Next to Ekimu

#Next to Kolk (who the mask’s color pallet and power is based on)

#Photos of me wearing it.

#Holding Ekimu

#Holding Kolk

For anyone else possibly entering, best of luck to you!


Well I was going to enter but now there is no reason to. :cry:


That looks incredible, certainly better than my first attempt. I tried to make one out of purely CCBS bones, it was way too heavy.

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Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! The contest is free game, it’s everyone against everyone. You can do it as long as you believe in yourself! ^^ :smile:

This is actually my second attempt tbh. The first attempt was with mostly Technic, and was rubbish. Although, any mask you make is going to be heavy because of the sheer size. Like, I’m willing to bet my mask is a good pound or two. It’s pretty hefty.

Thanks for the comments guys!


It’s beautiful, good job!

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This looks pretty amazing, I like the lower half in particular. Good job! :smile:

That is pretty awesome.

Noice, m9! Pretty great!

Another fantastic job! I like the amount of smooth pieces you used to fit with the whole “whirlpool” and “water” vibe.

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Thank you guys for the comments!

I just prefer building “smoothly” without much use from G1 parts. I’m a CCBS + Technic kinda guy, so I reflected that in making this :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta make it the way I see fit, and I feel I did that. Thank you for your comment!


Looks really good! It’s similar to the MOC.

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I was going to enter, but I ran out of pieces after I was done building the basic skeleton of mine, so I gave up because I didn’t want to disassemble any of my sets (I’ll be taking apart all of the 2015 Toa after winter 2016 comes out & Ekimu after summer 2016 comes out) or any of my MOCs.

Thanks for sharing the inside of the mask. Now I shall steal it and use it in mine!


Though it did give me some ideas on how to improve the frame for my mask considering how much I suck building with CCBS.

Best of luck!

Veeery nice. I love it all.

This is amazing!

R.I.P. my entry

it’s really good, but i assume you took quite a bit of inspiration from halo? :smirk:

Sorry for the late reply, notifications died and I didn’t notice this

Actually, there was no inspiration from halo, or anything really. I just sorta wanted to make a cool-looking mask somehow, so I threw some panels together in specific shapes and decided it looked good enough.

Oh, also, thanks everyone for the comments!

Welp, no one else can enter now. This is a certain 1st place. gj though.