Mask Power Enhancements

There is one thing that has been bugging me about certain mask powers for a while.
Does masks that enhances physical attributes take into accond that Toa’s original attribute?
What I mean is, Pohatu, being a Toa of Stone is physically stronger then the other five Toa Mata, even Onua, so when he uses the Pakari, does he get even stronger then other users due to his naturally enhanced physical strength?
The same could be said for other Toa with similar enhancements, for examble, a Toa of Air who possesses enhanced agility. Does this contribute if he uses a Mask of Fate, so he gains even more agility and reflexes the other users?
Or does the masks simply overwrite the users natural attributes to even out any user?


The Mask of Fate is described as letting you perform at the absolute peak of your natural physical abilities, so presumably someone with a greater base ability would also be able to perform similarly greater feats with the mask active. Jaller performs very well with it on, but the text of the power means this only serves to show that any Toa could actually perform the same stunts given enough training.

The Mask of Strength is a bit more nebulous, because the description is along the lines of “grants power far beyond the user’s natural strength”. Still, we have not seen any example of the Pakari being used where base strength has mattered. This could be taken to mean that the difference in base strength - if it applies - would be insignificant in all situations except where two Pakari users square off against each other.

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