Mask Powers [Worldbuilding?]

So, I know that there was a little discussion on this in a couple of the topics during the elements discussion, but it has never been talked about on the podcast or any official capacity. I'll put this simply: I think mask powers should be a thing in G3. More specifically, I think that they shouldn't be elemental in nature like in G2 (well technically the masks of speed and strength were mentioned but never seen). Now, I'm not saying that we need collectable masks or that the powers need to get as crazy as in G1, but the Toa's masks shouldn't just be the masks of [Element]. As for what the powers should be, I see no real problem with the original G1 mask powers for the Toa Mata, with the exception of the Kaukau. Water breathing was undeniably the weakest of the powers that were presented, and at the vary least I would say to change it to the Mask of Respiration so that it's at least a little more broad in where it allows you to breathe (That you presumably wouldn't be able to otherwise) rather than just water.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Comments and discussion are always appreciated!


I think they should have their original mask powers (with your change to the Kaukau) however there are no collectible masks and they each only get their own. What I mean by that is only Tahu gets shielding, only Kopaka gets X-Ray Vision, etc. I to was wondering when this would be brought up, and I'm glad you took the initiative.


Coincidentally, I've been thinking a lot about Kanohi recently. I definitely agree that they should exist in G3 and have powers separate from the elemental.

I also agree with this, that the masks for the six Toa should be the same as in G1, the exception being the Kaukau. But even as a Mask of Respiration, I couldn't see that being very useful on the island during the first arc. I could see Gali using it to breathe in situations with thick smoke, noxious gas, or perhaps in a vacuum caused by an enemy, but it's hard believing that such occasions would happen very often. Then again, I don't have a better idea at the moment.

All this being said, I think Kanohi should really be one of the most important aspects in BIONICLE. It was a defining element back in the day, and IMO it should remain one. Having recently played The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, it's clear to me that masks can be used in a variety of unique, theme-defining ways to really make BIONICLE something unique. I'm not sure if Kanohi could really be collectible items like before (especially since the whole "collect all the Great Masks" thing won't be redone, according to TTV), but at the very least their importance should be evident.

As far as story goes, I thought up a little something the other night. It's fairly basic, TBH.
In G3, unlike in G1, there aren't a multitude of masks, as only a select few are wise enough to forge them. The original Kanohi masks (six of which our main cast of Toa wear in the present) were forged from the scales of a monstrous beast that the original twelve Toa (one for each G3 element) defeated after a lengthy battle. This was the Kanohi Dragon, which is where the G3 masks get their name.

As far as how I think our six Toa should get their masks, that's something I'll elaborate on somewhere else.



I think collectable masks could be a great idea, assuming you can get them to scan into a game ala nexo powers, which I'm sure is possible.

took the words right out of my mouth, :no_mouth:

That's kinda where I'm at, I figure the absolute least we can do is broaden out how useful the mask could be.

I mean, how often is x-ray vision super useful? Maybe if an opponent is hiding from you, but otherwise? I dunno, seems about as situational as respiration.

I whole heartedly agree.

I didn't think so either but:

This could work beautifully.

I have my own Pitch topic where I talk about this kind of stuff, but it's a bit more specific to a couple of my own ideas and I wanted this topic to be more general. That being said, I can link it if you want.

That's because you and me hammered this idea out in another topic during the elements discussion.


Perception of your enemies weaknesses.

Seeing through thick weather.

getting through a maze.

I can name more.


I'm a little over the fence on this because on one hand, the presence of many mask powers is a little convoluted and convolution is something that's supposed to be lessened in G3; but on the other, collectibles are a good thing to have in a theme. I say keep them, but some of them need to go.

Of the OG 12, water breathing, night vision, and translation are the least flashy powers. From the perspective of trying to sell these to excitable kids, I think these could be canned in favor of other powers.

Was that one of the mask's powers? Because when someone says 'x-ray vision', they tend to just be talking about seeing through stuff.

I remember that discussion...

You and @Payinku most definitely convinced me that mask powers should be a thing; the only question is how to introduce them in a new and innovative way.

To prevent a complete rehash of the introduction to masks as G1 and G2 do it, may I suggest having the villagers hold them until the toa prove themselves worthy.

The mask powers could still be evident but rather than have UST one being with the mask power, all of the matoran, turaga, and toa would have that region's power (makes each person feel more connected to their own region).

Now this could work, if done well; we can always resort back to the original introduction if other wayscof introducing them don't work out.

And seeing into stuff.

It's not a new ability of the mask but an application of the abilities it's shown to possess.

In G1, the Matoran had no elemental powers. For G3 it was decided to give them some. So does the same ring true doe mask powers? Should Matoran have very weak mask powers this time around?

I'm 100% against region locking mask powers in any way.

The mask powers are a power of the masks, I'd like for anyone in possession of a mask, and the mental strength to use them to be fully capable of doing so, I'd argue most matoran would have less control, whereas a turaga should have mastery of them(essentially the kanohi nuva).

I'd suggest masks of power be given to toa when they become toa(the original 6) and they can earn others, while matoran would simply have powerless masks, most likely differentiated by tribal markings(printing) on the toa masks, which would also allow them to be scanned into the game.
as well, I'd probably include a search for the golden masks, though I'm not concrete on the integration of it.

Also, no elemental masks, I don't really think we should allow for the elements to be harnessed in this way.


Well, to be fair, I'd actually considered nixing X-Ray Vision in my own pitch for that very reason. But Xevins pointed out that the powers of the mask could be expanded upon in G3 to make it more useful.

The only problem, then, is overcomplicating things as Kek mentioned.

nexo knights is so overcomplicated, with all those nexo powers...

Having collectables does not overcomplicate things, not sure how people are coming to that idea.


I was just referring to how, as time went on, there got to be so many Kanohi powers in G1 that even a long-time fan like me began to have trouble keeping track of them all. Mask powers are something that I want to keep because, as has been said before, they add variety among Toa of the same element; however, oversaturating the Kanohi roster could prove to be an obstacle to new fans. 12 is probably the most with which it is wise to start with.

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Not really what I meant. Xevins sort of made it sound like the Akaku would have abilities beyond simple X-Ray Vision, which is what made me consider that a variety of abilities per mask power might be too complicated. But I was misguided in saying so anyhow, since that isn't exactly what he meant.

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I can't name every kanohi in g1, heck, I can't name every kanohi in 01, having full knowledge of every mask isn't necessary to enjoy and/or follow the story and characters, it was the plot that got over saturated and convoluted in g1, which alienated new fans.

I do agree with this however, mostly because you need to save powers for the future years, and 12 seems like an adequate number of collectables.

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Not different abilities.

Different ways to use abilities already known.

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Yeah, gotcha.

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Nice ideas, but would the Toa also have natural, physical powers as well, or would they be powerless like in G1?