Mask Shape/Power

Hello it’s me again, I’m terribly sorry if this has been asked before I have something I’ve been curious about for a long time.

We know Masks can exist in shapes other then their normal ones, so what happens if a Mask Maker forges a mask from a Disk of Teleportation, but chooses to make it in the shape of another mask, such as a Miru?
The mask is forged from a level 4 Disk so it’ll become a powerless mask so it’s not gonna be worn by a Toa, so the mask maker decides why not have a bit of fun with it.
However, the Matoran who ends up wearing this mask ends up becoming a Toa and the mask becomes a Great mask with powers.

What determins the masks outcome?
Will it become a Miru, since it has no powers and that’s the shape it has, or will it come a Kualsi because that’s the disk it was forged from?


I think that it doesn’t matter the shape of the mask.since it was forged from a teleportation disk it would become a kualsi


Interesting question!

I would guess that even if the power of the disc was gone, there might be some kind of imprint left on the mask that would determine its mask power if that Matoran became a Toa.

We know Matoran leave a kind of “lifeforce imprint” on their masks if they wear them for long enough (like Jaller wearing Lhikan’s Noble Hau on Mata Nui for 1000 years), so the idea of some kind of imprint being left on a mask isn’t out of the question.


I was actually considering that, but I thought I migh ask just to be safe :smiley:

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I would imagine that generally the Matoran would make the masks in specific shape to help identify its purpose/nature, not because that shape defines its power. Like how yellow candies generally mean lemon flavor, and purple denotes grape, although you could switch their appearance but maintain their flavor.


I am aware of that fact, which is why the question was about something else


The mask power would be based on the disk it was made from. That is the only determining factor. It will become a Kualsi.