Mass Effect Discussion

We have a thread to discuss the most controversial aspect of the series.

But what about everything else?
What about the next game?

This thread is to discuss everything that makes Mass Effect such a great series.
If you want to discuss That Ending, go here: http:/t/mass-effect-3-ending/98/9

Over to you, ladies and gents.

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WELL... there was a panel yesterday where they announced a few things like the return of the Mako for ME4, and also how the next game won't be called ME4, and how there will probably be no competitive MP, only cooperative (which is great news for me).

So that's pretty cool.


True that.
Unfortunately, still stuck just playing human in the SP...
Ah well.

alright I'll start up a conversation, who are your favorite characters? mine are Tali and Garrus, love those 2 (tali a little bit more wink ) and the fact they stay with you throughout all 3 games, they are just awesome

Favourite Character?
Probably Garrus.
That said, you can never pick just one character.

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I can't really choose. Probably Garrus or Legion. Garrus, because duh; Legion, because he was a farily original take on the idea of a robotic character. Jaavik is pretty great too.

Legion is great I agree, I wish we would have gotten more time with him in ME2 and 3, and Javik yeah, the master troll

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Jaavik is so funny, and yet so tragic at the same time.

Oh, btw, a terrible visual pun I made awhile back: Prothean bacon.

Le TTVmus clue: The Original Hype topic!

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sigh I really don't know how to respond to this

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Paragon: [Laugh]
Neutral: [Shrug]
Renegade: [Shoot John_Smith in the foot]

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hm... I'm a full paragon most of the time unless someone really isses me off cough Admiral Garrel cough
you know what that made me laugh a little bit ha smile

Oh, goodness, that guy.
I'm glad it did. smiley

yeah I mean firing on a ship with commander Shepard, your FELLOW admiral (who also happens to be this Shepard's girlfriend), and his best friend on it is just ridiculous, so yeah I may have punched him

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Mr. Smith:

What. The #^($. Is that?

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The picture? It's the greatest piece of pun-artwork I have yet wrought. stuck_out_tongue

new topic, what was your favorite mission (besides the suicide mission) mine was either Priority: Rannoch or Priority: Tuchunka

There was a side mission in ME1 where you had to fight off wave after wave of Rachni which is always fun, but I have to give it to Priority: Palaven.
That backdrop was just awesome in ways it's hard to describe.

all the reapers and palavan burning, yeah it was pretty awesome, plus garrus showing up halfway through just like "sup" I love Rannoch and Tuchunka because curing the genophage and bringing peace to the quarians and Geth on Rannoch (surprisingly I did that on my first play-through) rip in piece Mordin and Legion

Those two dying made me bawl so hard.
And I never cry playing video games.

same here, i rarely cry in video games, this was one of the few times it happened
"someone else might have gotten it wrong"
"I know Tali, Keelah se'lai"

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