Master Blaster self MOC

I always wanted to live in Po koro so my self MOC is a po matoran.

I equipped him in a big hand for easy climbing.
Now from the back.

without weapons

Master blaster has obviously a blaster and a small dagger

and some cool poses

what do you think ?


Those hands give me creeps…

Also, interesting custom torso!

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I’m really feeling this MOC, you’ve given him a proper nice colour scheme. His hands are a little barbaric, but for what they are meant to be, they work very well and are extremely creative. I love his arrangement of weapons on his back (especially that sword!). There’s not much too him, but that doesn’t really matter. He’s simple and effective.


This is actually pretty awesome looking. My only issue is with the lower torso. I was never a fan of the Metrutoran-style way that the legs connect, and it kinda makes the MOC look a bit awkward IMO.


too bad that mask isn’t in a better color for the rest of the moc But I like it

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Most people go for something huge and extavagant for their self Mocs. I appreciate the fact that you broke from that for your self moc. For a Matoran I think he is very cool and I like the original hand design too.


This is amazing

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Those are some interesting designs for the MOC!

You get 10 outta ten M8!

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I won’t lie, those hands are really ugly imo.
the hips are restrictive,
and the silver mask is distracting.

however, aside from the mask the colors are good, the weapons are great, and it’s nice to see another matoran self-moc.

overall 7/10.

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Mask five!



  • The Color Scheme is very consistent
  • I like the use of tires to cover-up the long bits in the legs/arms, it really bulks him up
  • The rare occurrence of weapon storage
  • I like the Blaster and his two hand pose with it
  • I like the upper body’s build
  • The hip of the body is a little too bland, following the Metrutoran’s
  • I think the hands look a bit strange by themselves, but look OK with the weapons in hand
  • This is completely optional, but I would add a black axle in the hip instead of the red

My overall rating is a 7/10.
Don’t get me wrong, It is good, but has a few things that holds it back from being great. :grinning:

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thanks but I have not got any black axels in my collection

you have 4 options:
1 work with what you have
2 bricklink some parts
3 go to thrift stores and look for parts for cheap
4 see if you know or can find anyone locally that is planning/willing to give away/sell their collection