Master Bone [ACT 3]

Third iteration of that good ol’ sketletonn.

(EDIT: I touched up the lighting on all the photos)


Certainly a weird build. Neat regardless.


He’s so spoopy, I love it

where are the Sunglasses

I lost the glasses, and forgot to make another pair before I took the pictures.

Definitely quite strange

Uncle Jorbel would be proud.

This is so unique, it’s amazing! :smiley:

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ok fair enough

The rib cage is so good.

I love the proportions on this guy, with the bigger wrists/forearms. That torso is glorious, as well.

But, the triple jointedness of the arms looks a bit weird. I also think the skull grinder mask looked a bit better.

needs some kamina shades, bro

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He’s a spoopy scary skeleton,
An awesome spoopy scary skeleton

:’ (

i forgot them lol

He has, like, tentacle limbs…

I like the moc, but you watch too much jojo…

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Heh. There’s no such thing as too much Jojo.

Also, I see what you did with the name. It’s a echoes Ripoff.


[:heavy_check_mark:] watch too much jojo
[:heavy_check_mark:] watch too much anime
[:x:] milk
[:x:] eggs


I LIKE IT! Right up my ally! Weird, awesome, and well built.

And I think removing the sunglasses was the right move. They didn’t jive well in my opinion.

I disagree and also please leave

Disrespect of Kamina glasses will not be un-disrespected


Eyyy, that’s pretty good…

I like it. The sweatband things confuse me.