Master of Wisdom

so, one day i was messing around with minifig skis, and made a face. then i decided to make a body for said face, and try many times unsuccessfully, unable to capture the feel i wanted for this guy. i finally did, added in lime green as an accent color, and i now present to you, the master of wisdom!
action pic

face pic

front pic

back pic

side pic

action pic

pic with my White Knight selfmoc

this is a mentor of sorts to my White Knight selfmoc, and has gained much knowledge over the time he has been alive. nobody is sure just how long he's been alive, nor where he comes from. they just know to listen to what he has to say.

if you guys want i can post instructions for him.

constructive criticism appreciated and wanted, and hope you enjoy!


Woah. I really like this build.
I'm beginning to see a resemblance with Full Metal Alchemist too :grinning:

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Dude, that's a great-looking face. Nice parts usage.

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This is really cool.
I wish that I could do brick built figures, but I have no joints for them.

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I love that face.


I really like this little guy, from his colors to his face it's just so appealing.

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That mask definitely makes him look wise

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This guy is really good. The size of the hands kinda bug me, but over all, they aren't too distracting. Awesome job mate :smile:

Hey I really like this little guy my favorite part is by far the build it is very thoughtful
I am so sorry I just had to make a pun.

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I really need to get into system so I can comment much better on this. But any way it looks pretty good. Though I'm not sure how good it is...

I hope I don't get flagged for this.

Um here we go
Um I think the head looks alright.
I love the build of the legs.
Them arms and hands are quite groovy man.
And that is about all I can say with my lack of system knowledge.

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I'm a sucker for great system mocs and this is no exception, its very clever build!

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I've become a fan of your style of building. Good job.

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Pretty awesome! nice choice of colors!

I really like this especially the head


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