Mastery of the Hunt (Tale of Lunnaria)

Throughout the untamed lands of Halikor to the mystic lands of Arika their is one aesthetic passed down throughout the ages, altered and strengthened by the test of time the art is still passed on. The art of hunting. But as it passing slowly decayed it still lives in other forms.

On the far fruitful island of Satin the art of hunting is passed down by the master of the art. And for the village of Zyt the master of the cherished art is a Toa of fire by the name of Vanaru. Vanaru is like a pantheon to the villagers of Zyt, he would go into the wild and come back with enough meat and skin of the Rahi to let the village last for another month with warm cloaks and food of the highest quality. Even through the harsh winter and violent storms Vanaru would still come back with the same amount.

As Vanaru watched Zyt grow and feast of his hunt he knew that soon he must pass on his art to the youth of the Zyt hunters. The time finally came and five youthful Toa walked towards Vanaru. As he scanned the soon to be hunters none of them stand out yet. Vanaru then gave them a simple task for hunters, he gave them all a bow and a quiver of six arrows each. He then pointed towards five trees with a target on each, Vanaru then told them to shoot at the targets. Four of them hit the target of over arcing qualities, but the fifth one had missed and has aimed at a tree further, he then looked at Vanaru and tried again, he missed and then grunted, every arrow he shot he gets further away from the target.
Vanaru then walked towards the fifth Toa and talked to him

"your aim is sluggish young Toa"

the Toa then replied

"as it seems to be your biggest peeve of me?"

in an attitude graceful as his aim.

"I have heard of your attitude before and that it was aligned towards the one they call Harik?"

the Toa grunts again

"I guess your sense of a hunter is much stronger than your sense of communication"

Harik retorts while answering himself as Harik.

Vanaru then turns around and starts to walk away telling Harik "Your rage and anger hold you back not letting you become a perfect hunter". Harik enraged by the comeback of Vanaru made him trundle away in a flurry of anger and regret.
But Vanaru knew that Harik has many hurdles to pass before he learns the mastery of the hunt.
The End of Part one


So I've been summoned, and i don't know why.

Anyways great story, the dialogue was confusing when trying to figure iut who was talking though, i would recommend seperating it like


and hit enter twice every time it switches who's talking.


Pretty much just this, and some spelling mistakes
Outside of that I liked it :slight_smile:

I have Edited it

That's too much, hitting enter twice everytime it switches voices so like this:

"Hi" bob said

"Hi" bert replied,"how've you been?"


The last example was probably not a great one.

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