Mata-nui (island) in minecraft

(notice to mods/admins I wasnt sure were to put this so I put it in the bionicle topic)

well let me explain, I have recently started working on a miinecraft map, and so far I started with onu koro and didnt make a lot of progress
here are some of the things built so far:

the first hut on the right of the bridge thing

the almighty bridge of power

a small bit of lake

the atmosphere I feel is captured nicely

just a nice little view

anyways let me continue explaining

the idea behind this is that there will be two versions of this one made adventure mapish with command blocks
and one made adventure mapish with mods!
the reason I am posting this is mainly to get feedback on the entire thing

so yeah (sorry if this was in the wrong place its just a little thing to see if its liked or disliked and if I should continue with said project)


TTV is making a BioCraft world… But this looks pretty nice, too. I hope it does not take too long, though.

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well they are technically making a machinima but yes they are making one, and I decided to make one that wasnt build in beta 1.3 and more updated so to say

I have a world that’s Bionicle, but uses heavy head-canon and all matoran types are there(almost because it’s a WIP) Heavy head canon because the toa have 2 elements.

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my plan with this one is to add quests as well


Who said that it was made in Minecraft 1.3? =P

I guessed, when was it started? I forgot

It’s been in development for a long time, but we’ve kept up with a lot of the updates

ah, cool but I am pretty sure you arent going to add anything else after the movie is released, right?

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What? that’s perfect! if there are 2 things I like really much then it’s Minecraft and Bionicle!

I might not continue it just for the fact ttv is already making one…kind of forgot that when I started this