Mata nui Matoran Revamp

My favorite matoran of all time are the Mata nui matoran. I loved how they all had different personalities and each koro had it's own dialect. Another thing I liked about them was their proportions. Long arms, huge feet. That kinda disappeared in the 2003 matoran so I wanted to make a build that had those proportions but were more modern.

What do ya think?


maybe change the feet to the bohrok sized ones? and use a 2 long axle instead of a three long one for the arms, other then that its not bad

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except for the ginormeous feet, not bad. smile I agree with Potay8o.

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I like the idea of the bohrok feet. I did the 3 long axle cause of all those bars on the originals
@3rdeye88 thanks!

he meant that aside from the feet, it isnt bad

I was referaring to 3deye

I also don't mind the three long axles either but for god's sake man put something on them! * shields eyes from indecency * stuck_out_tongue

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i agree

It looks like a chibi ate too many potato chips! :laughing: the build looks good otherwise!