Mata Nui rises passes first review round!

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There’s sort of topics already for the Mata Nui project itself and for Lego Ideas as a whole. But yeah, it’s nice it made it into the review period. Although I think you may be a little confused how the system works, it hasn’t passed anything really, if it missed this review period (Think of it like a trawlers net) it would just get scooped up into the next in around 6 months. It was a slow burn, but it never was in serious risk of expiring per-say.

My thoughts on the current moment? Well, I think it has a very narrow chance, so I keep any daydreaming to a minimum and instead have busied myself in other projects.

I started out just wanting to make a Moc that did the GSR justice, but it wasn’t about bringing Bionicle back …it’s never been gone and never will be as long as there is even one fan :slight_smile:

Also, feel free to leave polite comments on the blog post that announced the 51 Ideas that qualified, because so far there has been a few embaressing “Lego hates us” comments that I think could be countered with positive ones, as there is lots of good entries in this review.


Closing due to there already being a topic discussing the project here