Matatu Kanohi 3D Model Blender

I modeled Nuju's noble Matatu in Blender. It would be a lot easier if I actually had the mask, but I didn't, so I searched references online.
Kopaka model from Maphrox BNG asset.
I modeled Kopaka's shield since the BNG Asset didn't have Kopaka's shield.
(Currently working on Kanohi Power animation tests.)


A bit... melty, but otherwise pretty accurate.


It doesn't look exactly like the mask, bit it's pretty close

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Not the most accurate, but I guess it works pretty well with the Kopaka model you have there.

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Thank you. Maybe I should've applied a subdivision surface to the mask.

Thank you. I didn't have the mask, so I used references on google.

Thank you. Hopefully my modeling will improve next time. Masks are very challenging to model for me.

Thank you. And yes I modeled it since the BNG asset didn't have Kopaka's shield, so I searched for a reference image online to model in blender. All I really did was start with a circle and then extruded more vertices from the circle to form the shield.

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The mask is good enough IMO, but for some reason I'm really loving that Kopaka Shield. Did you also design it?

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