Math(s) R Gr8

Explain it.
I have no idea what that is.

It's the golden rectangle.

fibonacci crap can't work without the golden rectangle/ratio/spiral

You're already doing geometry? scream
Did you take a CBE some time earlier?

Dahek is CBE

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CBE=Credit by Examination. Most Asians do it to skip a grade of math.
Just not me.

In 5th grade after State Testing everyone who actually did good in math that year was sent to a separate room to take what I think was a CBE. Anyways, everyone failed it but I did get a 60/100, the highest score in my grade.
I got an A+ in 6th grade, and I was refered to algebra in 7th grade.
After another A I was refered to geometry in 8th grade.


My school would only let students coming from a foreign country take Geometry when I was in the eighth grade. :cry:

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Who else hates the new common core standards they're trying to introduce?

It's making simple math more confusing for younger kids. They ask me how to do a question, I answer it the easy and fast way, and then they tell me I'm doing it wrong, and that I need to show two more equations and blahdy blah blah.

Looks like they're making things more complicated than it used to be.


What is this common core?

As you can see, not only do you have to get a right answer with subtraction, you have to EXPLAIN ALL THE NUMBERS THAT MAKE UP THE ANSWER. It's bogus and doesn't make any sense.


I swear in 6th grade my math teacher spent a week teaching my class a "box" method. Basically you're using boxes and sizes to add numbers. Seriously?
I still hate common core because of the fact that you can still get a question wrong if you don't "support your evidence."


@Chronicler That's stupid. You have my condolences.

@SwagMeister My class has a system, where you can get a question wrong, but if you have the method correct, you can pass.

In math, we are doing rational numbers, and me and 3 other smart kids were in a group.

Also, I think that chances are likely that I am second best in my class, in terms if Math.

Fun Fact:
Mathematics is a branch of Science, which sets up the equation bits used in Physics Equations, and other fun science-y stuff that people usually hate.

Indeed. And this year I'll have to deal with that for my math section in the SBAC. Thankfully they lowered the required amount of correct answers because last year the bar was impossibly high.

Still, it will no doubt be super difficult.

(Also, adding numbers using a bar? That's the dumbest and most unconventional thing I've ever heard from Math Class. It's a waste of paper.)

Anyway, my geometry teacher gave the entire class a lesson about statements today, as in you have to reword a freaking sentence to an If-then statement.

"An apple is an orange."
If an apple looks like an orange, it's an orange.

How in the world does this relate to mathematics?

If a = b, b = b.

I think.

Wait... This doesn't make the slightest bit of sense.

So if I put on a bear costume, I'm automatically considered a Ursus arctos horribilis (Grizzly Bear)? Right...

Can I also mention that this new common core math isn't encouraging head math?


But... how dare they?

Thus, TFM enters denial

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Might as well give the full lesson:

Conditional statements: you imply that your conclusion is judged by your hypothesis
Converse statements: you imply that your hypothesis is judged by your conclusion
Inverse statements: your hypothesis is now opposite, therefore your conclusion is now opposite
Contrapositive statements: your conclusion is now opposite, therefore your hypothesis is now opposite
Biconditional statements: your conditional and converse statements are both true.

EDIT: Example:

"You don't like hockey if you don't go to the hockey game"

Conditional: If you don't like hockey, then you don't go to the hockey game

Converse: If you don't go to the hockey game, you don't like hockey.

Inverse: If you like hockey, then you go to the hockey game.

Contrapositive: If you go to the hockey game, then you must like hockey

Well, if they want you to use a bar to add and subtract numbers, then... No. It isn't head math. In fact, seems to me that they want you to be a bit like a Y about it... Being a bit dependent on it...


@SwagMeister Ah, I remember those. They taught me that in 9th grade.

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It is but another reason to homeschool your kids :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: