Math(s) R Gr8

I did that for years.

Now they're teaching it in schools.

Why must you remind me of this nonsense?

I'm currently in Honors Pre-Calculus (or Math Analysis), and it doesn't look that bad but there's quite some stuff to memorize.
As most people in this topic, I like math except when it's combined with science.

I still have nightmares when I remember the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Formula. Why did I think that it was a good idea to take AP Biology?

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I have a test on proofs tomorrow.
My friend last year said all everyone in his class failed the test.


You can do it.

What are proofs?

Example of a proof:

If 3x+9=6x-3, then x = 4.

1.) 3x+9=6x-3
Reason: Given
2.) 9=3x-3
Reason: Subtraction Property of Equality
3.) 12=3x
Reason: Addition Property of Equality
4.) 4=x
Reason: Division Property of Equality
5.) x=4
Reason: Reflexive Property.

That's only the easy part. I have 20-30 properties, theorems, postulates, and definitions to go through. On the test, the questions will be about line segments, angles, linear pairs, vertical angles, and more.

'K. Thanks for Albertan Grade 10 or 11.

The worst thing since memes

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I'm fairly certain proofs were created before memes


maths are horrible


I'd forgotten all about those :stuck_out_tongue:

But, in all honesty, math does help me out throughout the day, so.... :stuck_out_tongue:

I love math but hate Derivatives

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I just got the idea that you didn't enjoy derivatives. Am I mistaken?

I do not,
It may be useful af but it's a chore

They're not as bad as anti-derivatives.

I dunno, in most cases if you can do one you can do the other.

I have to get a 100 on the final Calculus II exam to pass the class.

No one has done that in this class.

I guess I'll be making history doing math.

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Good luck!

What happens if you get a 99.5? that, like, 100 out of 200 or something? Because 100% is not a possible feat. :stuck_out_tongue:

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