Math(s) R Gr8

I've gotten 100% on 3 separate quizzes. For Grade 9.

I meant in Calc. II, it's impossible to get 100% on a test. I can barely keep in the 90% range in Calc. I. :stuck_out_tongue:


21sselliW is smart. He can do dis.

So. I have decided to live my life without doing any math.

cause it is hard.

This is the Mathematics Topic, Skull Mixel-Eye. :stuck_out_tongue:

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When you die suddenly, I'll assume this was the cause


I like math.
My dad is a math professor.
I'm good at math, and have a third place Mathcounts trophy to show for it.

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I have a new hobby: proving theorems.


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I only follow mathmatical laws in nature. Often estimating on problems and ending up right, however keeping away from a lot of the more science based mathematics. If I need a scatter plot drawn, I'll just give the pencil to Michael J. Fox.

Mainly I use math for cooking, alchemy, and potion making. Brewing remedies for those I'm healing, or special food for myself and others. A pinch, a dash, are basically all I need.

I'm not sure if I'm meant to be smarter than everyone or if Calculus really is far simpler than people make it out to be.


Yeah, I kinda have the same viewpoint (aside from the whole being 'smarter' thing :stuck_out_tongue:). I'm not sure what people find difficult about Calculus.

I've been tutoring mathematics lately.

It's pretty ok I guess.

Meanwhile I'm also taking a course on differential equations, which is fun in the sense that I have no idea what's going on.


Differential equations and integration feels like magic. You put these letters in front of your variables and PRESTO CHANGO! you have a new equation.



"It's upside-down Nappa"

I prefer the lorentz notation to be honest, makes it clearer what you're actually doing to the function.

My new goal in life is to get a 100 on the final exam for Calc II.



Good luck with that.

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I took the class Functions, statistics and trig. Easiest math class I've taken, and simplest to understand and do well on, and yet people still did poorly. I'm also more then likely taking AP Calc next year along side pre-calc.

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Math was always my best subject.

The lowest final mark atm I ever got in math during my high school years was a 98

highest was 100

this year I got a 99