Matoran, Acquaintances, and Masks

While re-watching the Bohrok Saga Flash animations, particularly the scene in which Taipu, Nuparu, and Onepu are trapped in an Onu-Koro tunnel, I realized that Taipu was the only one in that scenario who wasn’t wearing a Pakari. So here is my question, do Matoran generally get along better with other Matoran who share the same mask despite different tribes or personalities? Do they see it as “having something in common” and are more likely to become friends? Do they have mask preferences? Do they form cliques based on masks?

I haven’t seen anything confirming this, so I think it’s unlikely. It’s probably just a slight coincidence. Afterall, most of the matoran friend groups wear different masks: The chronicler’s company, Takua and Jaller, Hewkii and Macku, Kotu and Macku, etc…

Besides, it’s not that uncommon for matoran to change their masks (Kopeke, Hafu, the Inika, etc…), and the ones who have seem to be treated the same regardless of their mask.

I see it kind of like hair: There are various hairstyles you can choose, but for the most part it doesn’t matter all that much to other people.


seems reasonable, ok thanks!

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(Also, I watched the animation and someone commented Nuparu is kind of like Tony Stark from the 2008 iron man movie, as he built a robot suit out of spare parts to escape from a cave. Thought that that was kinda funny.)


Taipu is canonically wearing a Pakari. The animators just swapped his model with Hafu’s.


that’s a good point, but I still think that it’s definitely a coincidence. In the animation, the three matoran just happened to be trapped in the cave together.

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3 Onu-Matoran with Pakaris walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Why the strong face?”


Made me think of this, lol:


That’s a fantastic allegory that helps me reconcile these people being ok with changing their faces all the time. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: