Matoran and Makuta

So I read a while ago that Takua was the first Matoran ever created, but what I want to know is…is he still younger than the makuta? As I always viewed it that way due to knowledge and personality the makuta display. Let me know!



Takua is the first Matoran ever created and one of the first Great Being creations ever made that would inhabit the Matoran Universe. He was also the first of the Great Being’s creations to receive sentience.

Mata Nui made the Makuta, including Teridax.

Strange and unfortunate, I always wanted the makuta to be ancient beings with which whom had knowledge and time and experience far exceeding any Matoran. Now they seem much less so.

Most Matoran made were made prior to the GSR being launched, and none of them have any knowledge of life before the MU. The Makuta were established as caretakers of the universe, to create new species of Rahi as well as be another rung in the power ladder in the universe.


Indeed, though I guess technically the makuta are mentally superior to Matoran as they would need to be to create viruses among other things, the matoran (not including the films) seem to not grow mentally unless they take on more responsibility, such as when they become toa or leaders or go through life changing experiences and have others lives in thier hands.

So Takua, the bumbling little bean of the Matoran Universe, the small innocent and childlike chronicler himself, is actually the oldest and most ancient being in the Matoran Universe.



Yeah… doesn’t seem right to me…


If Takua is the first matoran ever created, that makes him a Av-Matoran, right? If so, why doesn’t he live in Karda Nui with the other Av-Matorans?

Takua was confirmed an Av Matoran in canon, can’t remember when though.

As for why he isn’t in Karda Nui, I think he was kidnapped by some Order of Mata Nui members for some reason I can’t remember.


Takua was indeed kidnapped by the order together with many more av matorans to get the prophecy of the mask of life to come true. Since the Brotherhood went on a av matoran killing spree to prevent such a prophecy because Teridax feared that the only thing able to stop him was a Toa of light. Thuosly av matorans were kidnapped by the order and got there minds erased. Because the fact that av matoran can alter there color after how light reflects on its body, so they where hidden in other matoran villages impersonating that villages matoran.

Tl:dr order wants to keep more av matoran from dying to the brotherhood and keep the prophecy of the toa of light alive. Thus they kidnap av matoran, erasing their minds and relocating them around the universe.


This needs a few small corrections/additions:

The Order feared that the Brotherhood might at some point try to kill or otherwise corrupt the Av-Matoran should they find a way into their homeland. So in order to prevent the tribe from dying out should this happen, they initiated the time slip - a 6 month period in MU history that no one outside the Order of Mata Nui remembers during which they abducted Av-Matoran, erased/changed their memories, and spread them throughout the MU disguised as Matoran of other elements.


Technically Av Matoran already have the ability to change colors into other matoran palettes. It’s like a natural camouflage system.

And if I remember correctly, Takua’s camouflage systems are defective somewhat. That’s why his mask is blue despite being disguised as a Ta Matoran.


I’m not aware if this is actually the case, but in any event, since he didn’t know he was an Av-Matoran after the Time Slip, he basically lost the abilty to change colours. In theory he still possessed that power, but he wasn’t aware he did and hence couldn’t/didn’t use it.

Well Nuparu also had a Orange Mask despite being a Onu-Matoran, so I don’t know if that is the case.

From BIONICLEsector01:

“He was later relocated to Metru Nui by the Order of Mata Nui during the Time Slip, disguised as a Ta-Matoran, though due to his lackluster amount of control, his disguise was a poor one.”

According to the same source, orange was a typical Kanohi color for Onu-Matoran, as was tan.

I wouldn’t get to stressed over the Makuta not being these ancient and knowledgeable beings, that was never really their purpose, and as such there’s a lot of things older than them in the MU.
What there is to be in awe of the Makuta for is their ingenuity. It was their curiosity and inventiveness that lead to the discovery of Mata Nui’s true nature, and through that same tenacity the virus that brought him down was crafted. It was the same creativity that gave Teridax the plan to use his essence to infect Matoran, and the Karda-Nui Makuta to use Shadow Matoran to augment their senses. Old and wise, maybe not. Intelligent, resourceful, and relentless, definitely.


If I remember the math correctly, then 265,000 years of age on Spherus Magna equal 100 human years of age. This means 2650 years equal one year. Since MU beings have the same lifespans as Spherus Magna beings, and since teh MU was constructed and launched within… I think it were about 300 years, this makes Takua only a month and a bit older than most beings created post-launch. So this kinda makes it a negligible difference.

In general age seems to not be that important in MU society. It’s rather experience and such. The Shadowed One is younger than Ancient, the Turaga Metru are probably of about the same age as most of the Matoran of Metru Nui.


No, wait, it’s 450,000 years that equals 100 human years. So Takua isn’t even a full month older.


Agreed, plus they were immensely powerful. Some may even say overly powerful haha.

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