Matoran Artwork (without Kanohi mask)

I wish they would look like these. Inspired by the concept style of Transformers Prime.
I do think that females and males should have somehow a different body form, even if voices are the only real changes in the canon story. I was also displeased by the head, being pretty ugly. So here it is, a Ta-Matoran and Ga-Matoran artwork without their mask.

Several aspects of their head was still used, some from the movies, some others from the set version. Please let me know what should be done better for next time. Also, please live a like :sweat_smile:


This is pretty interesting. Not sure how I feel about the entire idea, but neat regardless!

Ehh, not really a fan tbh, doesn’t look like a matoran to me, too much prime not enough bionicle.


They remind me more of Okotans than Matoran. Still cool looking though.

This just doesn’t seem Bionicle at all to me. It just feels like I’m looking at Arcee and Knockout.

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