Matoran basic shape?

Matoran of Metru Nui all seems to have same build. Other Matoran we know (except Av-Matoran and Mazeka) are deformed, mutated, reconstructed etc.
Were the Great Beings creating Matoran in form from Metru Nui for entire MU?
And if yes, than why Mazeka looks diffeent?
And if no, than on what their appearance was depending on (island, GB who created certain Matoran)?
And if they were all in random form, than why those from Metru Nui looked the same?

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You answered it yourself. Mazeka is rebuilt.


Wasn’t it something about the Karda Nui energies that changed their forms or am I completely pulling this out of my behind?

Well, the Mahri Nui Matoran’s builds were their original forms, iirc - the mutagen restored their deformed bodies. Between that and the other non-Voya Nui Matoran designs, I think the most plausible explanation is that Matoran made in different regions just have slightly different builds - maybe to optimize them for their work in those regions.

That only applies to Av-Matoran. Vultraz and Mazeka were both rebuilt and Vican was mutated.

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