Matoran Iconography[Art]

Every tribe has their own uniuqe culture and stuff… and thus different design values.

BUT decorations / inscriptions are a universal one.

So let me show you my Early concepts for the this

The Water tribes are based on the skirt Gali wears And I decied on making it in that style. I really does love how iconic this looks.

The Stone tribe.
A massive and often very very simple style

Mostly for when they use it in their windows.

The Air tribe:
Often known for their simple designs they are meant to depict wind currents… so yeah it will make alot more sense to someone understanding the weather .

And last and not least the Earth tribe.
Still pushing the concepts that their temples are wonders from AGES past they read ancient scripts down filled with wisdom from a past age. Granting them Vast amounts of knowledge…

The Candle head cult we got canon looks for this konwledge. deep in the catacombs of the Temple cities.


I enjoy this idea, it adds a lot more depth to each individual tribe, telling you a lot about who they are and how they operate.

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I thought so too.

This media will help me build their culture…

To my design…

Also changed the title to Matoran iconography as I finally found the word I have been looking for.

I’m guessing Ice would have some kind of crystalline structure to its patterning. Similar to the Stone/Sand Tribe, but even more rigid.

Not sure about the Fire Tribe. Maybe flowing, like the Air Tribe, but with definitive flame-like shapes.

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I am noting the Ice decoration.

I imagen that the Fire tribe willl have actual illustrations of like a matoran figthing a Dragon.

This is nice!

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Excellent work my friend, keep it up!

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