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Ok, I’ve updated the original topic with new art of characters that were already in the topic. At a later point, I’ll add the new original characters.


I have an interesting idea: how about, in the story, we have a “first Captain of the Guards” in Mangai. He could be a legend among the Mangaians.


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The Barraki:

  • Ehlek (Pre-Mutation)
  • Pridak (Pre-Mutation)
  • Nocturn (Pre-Mutation)

Toa Kanohi:

  • Zaria (Toa Pohatu)
  • Female
  • Lhikan (Toa Tahu)
  • Tuyet (Toa Gali)
  • Female
  • Jovan (Toa Onua)
  • Krakua (Toa Kopaka)
  • Female
  • Pridak’s sister
  • Lesovikk (Toa Lewa)
  • Became Bingzak

3 females? finally, any info on the mask colors? I want to try and make 'em

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It should be in the links provided above each section

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So the Barraki are Matorans?

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The prevalent pitch is that they’re Matoran warlords who took over the island, spurring an island-wide rebellion and the action of the Toa Kanohi. Once they were defeated they were sent to an island prison, which sunk. They were mutated by one thing or another and became the more monstrous forms we’re used to.

Read this thread for more detail:


I would say if any of the Barraki were to be female, it would be Takadox. I don’t know why, I just think Takadox is the least warlord-y than the rest, being a traitor and spy in G1. That is of course, not going off your pitch.

I would preffer Pridak to be Female

like that, less over sexualized tho


I just don’t really feel Pridak’s character fits that. Unless Pridak was like Helryx’s or whoever leads the arbiter’s sibling. Mantax, or even Nocturn could also be female. I feel Pridak and Carapar are the least likely to be made female.

why not tho, you think a girl cant be brute-ish?

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Obviously they can, like that one big fig in Ninjago Skybound. It’s just that Pridak’s character does not seem to fit a female, and Carapar is portrayed as dumb, which could be seen as sexist if his character was female.

-I dont really much about the personality of the barraki, I just know the story-

what’s pridak personality like?

I don’t actually know a whole lot of personalities of any barraki save for Ehlek, Carapar, and Takadox, but in @BionicleN17’s “BIONICLE INGNITION 2” film, he portrays Pridak as a military general type person.

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I don’t feel like it would be Pridak or Takadox. Making Takadox female has more Roodaka vibes, and seems repetitive(I know this is brickonicle and irrelevant but still). I also feel like he is meant to be more hypnotic, and making him female could confuse that with seduction.
On the other hand, while the idea of having a female leader is great, I don’t think that Pridak is the right candidate. His personality seems too brutal/too bloodthirsty to match a female personality. I know it worked for Gorast, but the defining trait for her was her “infatuation” for Teridax. Pridak is the leader, and I doubt that brutal and bloodthirsty would look that good without a motive. I honestly feel like the best candidate would be Mantax or Kalmah. Mantax has been proposed as a sorcerer, and I think that a “witch” would be really cool, like a manta ray/scary version of Ursula from the little mermaid. s for Kalmah, the co-leader status and his mostly undeveloped personality leaves a lot to work with. The only issue with this is the whole squid theme…uggh.
But that’s just my silly personal opinion.



The main Barraki pitch describes Pridak as an extremely proud and brutal king.

He also is NOT the leader. No one was pitched to be the leader, the League was an alliance, not a nation.

We had this debate in the pitch before and we considered Ehlek being female, but in the end we agreed that they should all remain male.
We made up for it by making the Toa Kanohi a 3 female team.

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