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The main Barraki pitch describes Pridak as an extremely proud and brutal king.

He also is NOT the leader. No one was pitched to be the leader, the League was an alliance, not a nation.

We had this debate in the pitch before and we considered Ehlek being female, but in the end we agreed that they should all remain male.
We made up for it by making the Toa Kanohi a 3 female team.

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Sorry to Butt In but I am working on a Larger theory involving the Borok, Barakhi and the Rakshi.

All part of one theory.

Mind if I borrow some of your designs?

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The Barraki pictures in the pitch are @DarkMaestro’s and @Noupix’s, ask them.


@ToaTumult You’re completely right about Takadox. I really was just going off of my personal pitch, where Takadox is some ninja warrior who thought she could take down Makuta, but instead was blasted by the mask of control, giving her powers.
@AntrozT6 In your pitch, how big are the Toa’s roles? If they were to be in one flashback, I don’t think it would matter that three of them are females. Also, I don’t remember what TTV decided on the gender ratio of the Rahkshi. Did they make Guurahk a girl?
@Noupix Sorry if our discussion is off-topic and annoying, I feel we’ve all said all that is needed to be said, so we should be rapping up soon.

I shall

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The role of the Toa Kanohi is obviously a big one. They defeat each warlord, seal away the Kanohi Masks (Canon) and change the island completely.

I suggest you read the Kanohi Period pitch.

We never pitched how the period would appear in the TV Show, that’s for TTV to decide. I had in mind that they could do a whole 1-year set wave all about the Kanohi Period, with the old Toa team and the Barraki still as warlords, but I don’t think TTV would ever agree to that.

At best, I would expect them to have sevelar episodes in a season where they would be. Maybe 2-3 whole flashback episodes about the island during that time.

If you want to know more about the personalities of the Barraki during the Kanohi period, I suggest you read my short stories:

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This is just an informing message.
I added this thread to the links in the character blurbs threads. Under Extras.

I think @jayzor17’s idea to switch Maku and Hahli’s places making Maku a princess and Hahli an arbiter based on their G1 personalities sounds better

here’s some characters from my upcoming pitch about the time before the events of the Kahnoi period (@AntrozT6’s version):




.born without elemental powers

.used a war hammer in battle

.very brutal and warlike for a Tiroan




.united the Motari tribes

.used a sword and shield




.very large and brutish for a female

.only female to singly rule Ihu ( married later though)

. not sure if she used a massive flail or axe in battle (yet)

.ancestor to Kaalus/Kurahk?

. she was overthrown by Pridak and Krakua’s father?




.fought with twin bladed boomerangs

.was able to talk to rahi




.youngest of the warlords

. very skilled with her longbow and bladestaff

. has a namesake currently living in Mahri Nui




.a graet ruler loved by his people

.used a spear in combat

.very fond of burnak

so we just come up with matoran ideas here?

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This was originally intended to propose my ideas for the Matoran characters in the Brickonicle project. Over time, it kind of became a more general idea/concept art thread.
I’m not really sure about the state of Brickonicle right now, so there might be a newer, more up-to-date thread that exists, or that could be created, that would serve your purposes better.

Tl;dr: You can, but this might not be the best place to do so.


Thank you.

One thing I’ve noticed in the Brickonicle story bible is that there doesn’t seem to be some sort of catalyst that can bring Izotor and Narmoto to work together apart from being on the same thing. I also think Narmoto needs some sort of reason to want to become a Turaga of Takoto beyond the mere idea of having power or a fancy title. Likewise, Izotor’s driving character arc is the loss of his father, and the pressure of having to live up to him.

So I created this character who I have tentatively named “Norio” at the time of this post. He is the father of Narmoto and once a decorated soldier of the Mangaian region. Narmoto aspired to one day be as great as his father, even more so after Norio gave his life to save his platoon from an ambush by a pack of Vako. That is the barebones description of that plot thread but I know it needs more fleshing out. How is it for a starting point?


I really like it.

Hmm…I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, but…I’m not sure I’m fond of the idea of two of the Toa having fathers important in their lives.

It’d probably be a contradiction in established backstory to suggest that he look up to a previous Toa though. And possibly a bit cliche.

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It was more of an idea that popped into my head when I came up with the funerary rites pitch. I thought it might be a good jumping off point to figure out how to give Tahu and Kopaka some form of common ground.

Norio/Narmoto’s father is not a Toa, nor would it make sense for Toa to be revered outside of maybe a few spiritual castes at the time the story takes place. I mostly drew him with a bulky armored look to get a feel of the character.

Maybe his father’s efforts against the Vako are what push Narmoto to drive one into Ihu years later(at least in the sense that Narmoto won’t back down against the beast) Another idea I considered was what if King Matoro sacrifices his life to save Narmoto in the conflict and Prince Izotor came too late thinking that the Mangaian killed him? Perhaps Kualus could’ve been involved in some assasination plot trying to take advantage of the chaos?

EDIT: One more thing I think needs clarifying, if there was confusion about Norio being a possible Turaga of one of the five Mangai regions, in this universe the term is a title for a ruler rather than a subset of the Matoran species. Here, I get the impression that the Turaga are governors of Mangaian city states akin to feudal Samurai lords, though with less emphasis on bloodlines and more on fighting prowess

If having the father is too much of a coincidence, it can be a his father’s brother/cousin/friend/wing-man/Boss or something along those lines. Honestly, the main idea is fine and works with any father figure.

I agree, some people require some motivation for their life choices and this is an interesting solution. It also further draws more parallels between Narmoto and the Ice dude, father figures, which will give them something to bond over with. I mean being toa is one thing but it is pretty impersonal, specially if you want them to become a team. Having something to bond over, like important father figures that influenced their lives and career choices seems like a nice way to bridge that. Specially since it makes it easier for Narmoto to understand Izotor’s pain. Also Izotor can somewhat relate to Narmoto. Otherwise their clearly polarizing personalities will make it hard for them to make peace. Also, this bonding is not strong enough as to prevent future conflict related to Narmoto causing so much death in Izotor’s kingdom.

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Since it’s Narmoto, it would make sense for the person to be his mentor. Someone would have taught him to be a warrior, even if it’s a specific teacher from an academy (if that’s where he learned). Or a master he had on the side that furthered his skills past what his peers could do from regular training.

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Why not both? Narmoto might not have had the ability to control fire before he became Tahu, so it would seem like that would put him at a disadvantage against the other recruits. Granted, I’m sure the Mangaian troops would have soldiers who rely on their weapons just as much as their element. Spears, swords, axes, etc.

While the legends of the Toa being born as Matoran with an inability to control elements might not be common knowledge, it doesn’t prevent someone from rising above their station, as was the case with Kivoda/Gali being assistant to Helryx who I recall was among the higher ranks of Naho’s society.

I like the idea of this mentor figure knowing of some of these old legends and maybe that motivates him to take a young Narmoto under his wing.

I like the idea.

If we want to spice it up maybe that person was (mis)informed by a certain someone about the Toa legends. You know someone looking for that power to free Makuta. Maybe he was working with someone and he got betrayed and assassinated as he was the only other person who knew (at that time) about Makuta and the Toa.

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My apologies; I didn’t mean to imply that I thought he was one. I was spitballing alternative ideas.

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