Matoran mask color

Kanohi masks have a grayish color and adopts a color with respect to the wearer when worn. But can a Matoran change the color of a mask when wearing it? If so, why bother in painting their masks?

We know that Jaller mantained his Hau yellow while alive, but his original mask was a red Komau (not yellow) and Lhikan Hau was golden (close but not yellow). So why is yellow?

In Karzahni, Hewkii find a Great Suletu. I guess it turn golden when Takanuva put it, but did it turn dark orange or dark turquoise when Hewkii and Kongu worn it?


Ever see a gold Ta-Matoran?

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Matoran masks cannot change color automatically, Noble and Great can.

Maybe Lhikan was a gold Ta-Matoran :thinking:
I’m not sure if all the yellow Ta-Matoran in Mata Nui, were golden in Metru Nui

So do Hewkii and Kongu change the color of the Great Suletu?

Yes, they do and so does Takanuva.
The reason Matoran paint their masks is because they cannot usually change on their own. matoran wearing Noble or Great Kanohi is rare.

I haven’t found anything saying Powerless masks do not adopt the color of the wearer all the same, nor that Matoran paint their masks.

As far as I know, that they are painted is a misconception.

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BS01 mention only the silver top as painted. But on Vakama’s Metru Mini Promo CD we see a bunch of flawed Kanohi and they have color.

On the other hand, some Matorans as Kopeke changed their mask color after the rebuild, so if they are not painted, what dictate the color of the mask?

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Same thing that dictates the color of Toa? The only time we’ve seen Matoran change color is when they also go through a form change.

Yes, and this paint faded, the color of the Matoran did not…

This is fair; I would question the canonicity of that depiction however. For one, why would they be painted if they’ve been thrown away directly after being made?

No it is not. It has been on BS01 for over a decade. I see now it has been removed in January 2018 for some inexplicable reason.
This is what it was originally:

Kanohi are magnetically attached to their wearers. Kanohi of certain levels contain a power that the wearer can access, which is done through focus and concentration. If these powered Kanohi are cracked or broken, they do not function properly or at all. The masks come in a variety of different shapes, derived from the need to discern the power a mask has. While masks can be forged into any different shape, they are not done so in order to maintain consistency in identifying the power it might have. The colors of Great and Noble masks are dependent on their wearers. When Kanohi are made originally, they adopt a grayish color which they keep until they are worn. At that point the mask adopts a color with respect to the wearer. Matoran masks, having no power, will not change color at all, making it necessary to paint them in their colors.

‘Sigh’… yet another important piece of information lost from BS01

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Maybe there were never a source for mask painting and they end up deleting it.

In that case, they would leave [citation needed]. This time there was nothing.

BS01 is a resource, not a source. That is how all wikis work.

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BS01 isn’t perfect, and neither are its editors. It’s possible no one noticed that it didn’t have the [citation needed] tag, so one was never added

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If you can find a source for that information, it would aid this discussion greatly.