Matoran Moc

Honest a self matoran moc. The big sword is there due to him being a builder and po matoran, and he has a taste for adventure.
(Now with correct color)


dang that’s a huge sword for a matoran that size

Kind of the point honest I built of for a bit bigger moc and really liked it, I then happens to put it on my matoran and when I went to see if I could build a smaller sword I really wanted to keep the large one.
He can also put it on he feet and use it as a surf board or lava board.

Please leave your thoughts

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Thanks still learning the ropes

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I like the weapon. The color scheme is a bit bland though, and it doesn’t look like he has much articulation either.

Again the poor color is due to lack of prices, and he actually has a fair amount of articulation.

He’s a bit, grey for a po matoran…

Not a massive fan of the build, kinda voyatoran wonky, and the sword is effectively kopaka’s, also the hose seems pretty pointless.

The hose just goes with the mask and again I am lack the grey prices in other colors, which kopaka used that sword, if you do not mind i do not remimber that set.