Matoran Rebellion: Chapter 2

“You killed it!” The blacksmith said with excitement. “Yes, I did!” Talek responded. “But if you’re expecting to be able to defeat Makuta Diemax all alone, then you are even stupider than I thought at first!” “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” “Well, I guess I owe you one!” He said as he gave Talek back the widgets. Then, it clicked. He could go around the island to find more matoran crazy enough to take on the evil plaguing the island!

It only took him a few days to get out of Ta-Koro, since he knew it so well. Once he got to Ga-Koro (being the strange person he is) he began to walk around with a picket sign, which said “Join. or die.” And had a cut up Bog Snake, each piece symbolizing one of the Koros. Each matoran there took turns staring at him as if he had three heads. Until one brave matoran ran at him so fast, she almost knocked him over.

“Finally! Someone willing to join the cause! What’s your name?” Talek asked. “Gahki!” She responded, almost immediately. “You know what we do here, correct? “Nope! Not at all!” She said proudly. Talek sighed. Here, at what I call the Matoran Rebellion, we are going to try to liberate the island from the darkness of Makuta. If you join, you’ll be the first member (other than me) to do so!” “Oh! Okay! Your sign didn’t really clarify. At first I thought this was a club where we cut up Bog Snakes!” She said, laughing. Just then, a bohrok rolled in. It was a Tahnok! It had followed him all of the way from Ta-Koro!

"Grab a weapon! He yelled. She ran to get one,and she did! Gahki grabbed a double-sided battle axe! She charged to help her new friend, who was stuck at the maw of a bohrok. She managed to sneak up behind it, and she hit it as hard as she could. The Krana came flying out!

“So, do you still wanna join?” Talek asked. “Oh yeah! Even more so than before!” She quickly responded. Then, they were off to Onu-Koro, as they would skip Po-Koro, as they found the desert intolerable. They would return there later.