Matoran Rebellion: Chapter 3

They had finally arrived at Onu-Koro, and they could hardly see.Talek had even bumped into someone who was working at the mine, wheeling rocks around. They tried to recruit someone, but, once again, that stared at them like they had three heads. Just then, they heard a scream- a matoran was in trouble!

They ran to the scene three fully-fledged Makuta, turned to look at them, then disappeared. They found a monsterous looking matoran- the one that screamed! He bolted upright, and started muttering. Muttering about how he would like to destroy the Makuta!

They asked him to join. "I've got nothing to lose." The matoran said. "What's your name?" Asked Talek, hesitantly. "Onukon" he said. He was horrific. He was black and silver, with three high spikes jutting out from each shoulder, claws, and glowing red eyes. The Makuta hadn't changed him completely, as he still had his own thoughts.

They just left him like this! One makuta returned to finish it's target. It didn't last very long, as the Talek and Gahki cringed as they watched Onukon mercilessly tear it apart. "Wow.... That was.... Brutal! You don't want a weapon?" Talek asked. "No. I have claimed my revenge. One of the Makuta that have turned me into this monster has been destroyed." "Yeah, but it was a little over the top, don'cha think?" Asked Gahki. "NO! It was necessary!"

"Maybe we can help him! Let's take him with us!" Talek whispered. "Are you sure about this?" Gahki whispered back. "Not at all!" Talek responded with a smile. "Okay, Onukon, you can come with us! We'll help you!" Talek told him. "Fine. Let's go." Then, they had someone new to take to Ko-Koro!

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Just saying, but couldn't you keep all of this in one topic?


I'm writing these at different times, but yeah! I'll get right on that, actually! That would make it much easier to read!