Matoran Tangus

If you liked Toa Tangus then I hope you’ll enjoy his younger self, as a De-Matoran from the Southern Continent! In my head canon all Matoran would originally look like what we saw in 2004, as a “Base Model,” which is why Tangus is a [heavily] modified Metrutoran Build. Upgrades and Mutations can happen to cause something like Voyatoran or 03 Matoran, but this would be the regular run-of-the-mill Matoran, hope you like him :relaxed:

And a better look at my Lightning Nghata Snail, Uku! :snail:


Unless I’ve horribly misinterpreted the lore, I’m pretty sure that’s canon.

The proportions are incredibly awkward, the legs are super skinny and the shoulders are halfway down the torso, also I don’t like how the arms awkwardly jut off the torso.


@payinku Then I’m sorry you don’t like him.

Limbs are too skinny, nut that snail is awesome.

I really like it!

this is my favorite moc on the boards
get @Ven over now

Hey I used that chest piece as a face once! Also nice build, it’s fun to see others matoran builds (I need the inspirations! I have to build some sooner or later.)

@BBricks I really appreciate all the fedback man- thank you :grinning:

@Hautaka thank you! and I’m glad you like the Nghata! :relaxed:

@KAI_BORG Thanks man, I also really love Matoran builds so I get ya :joy:

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Your velcome! I’m just happy to finally get some more inspirations for when I have enough parts to design some!