Matoran Transport attack Brickonicle Contest Entry

Matoran Transport Attack
324 peices
Cost: $34.99

The Toa Metru are trying to save the matoran, but Nidhiki is attacking the matoran transport! Vakama and Nuju work to protect the transport so they can get all the matoran pods to safety!

Here’s my entry. I wanted to incorporate the original canister types in a way that made sense for a modern lego set. Here it is used as the main storage section on a transport vehicle. This canister would not likely be the main container for the set, but rather be a storage option after the box is thrown away.

The label would be on the inside of the canister instead of the outside, and it would also be reversible to show a more fitting print to go with the scene. In this case, it is a riveted paneling texture.

My skills with photo editing are also very minimal, so instead I made a diorama for the main photo to look more professional.

Without the Landscape Background.

The Transport also looks good without the canister on it.

A Brick Built Nidhiki

Here are the minifigs of the toa.

The canister is easily put on, and a rubber banded lever keeps it in place well.

The pieces just barely all fit in there when it is disassembled. The canister would have to be slightly larger to include the instructions.

I wish I had the talent to do better for the label and background, but the set was very fun to build. I’l probably do another set with the same basic concept.


The model is very well done, albeit Nidhiki is a tad, well, chubby.


This is cool… but Tahu and Nuju?


@Drahcir_Nosnevets Thanks! I agree with that. I was trying to keep his build simple to be more realistic.

@Sepublic22 Oops… Did I really do that? Oh well. I don’t think I can edit it now that it is entered.


The build for the transport is great, and the use of the canister is genius! My only gripe is the Nidhiki, which is a little chunky, and Vakama, but it is fine since the part for the head doesn’t exist, and dark red minifig parts are semi-hard to come by. Just my nitpicks though. Also, you can edit your topic by clicking on a pencil icon at the bottom of your topic next to where it says the amount of likes you have. Good entry!


@Brickpiler Thanks for the feedback!

I wasn’t sure if the rules of the contest allowed me to fix a text error or not.

Wow, this is really good! My only complaint is the obese looking Nidhiki. Also, maybe you should give the bad guys a little more of a presence for some ‘conflict in the box’.

@darkbrick999 Thanks for the feedback. Nidhiki does look weird, and I guess I should have tried to incluke krekka as well.

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This is AMAZING! I love you made a canister set, where the canister is a part of the set! Definitely one of the best Brickonicle entries so far.

Dang… that is one well made Nidhiki.

Love the canister idea! Can’t see it being something LEGO would do, but even as just a MOC this looks great! As soon as I saw it I knew what it was, and the accuracy blew me away! Really great work!

######You even made a background for it holy crap.

This is legit stuff, really like the shape of the vehicle and the fact that it holds a Canister.

It’s the Oregon Trail BIONICLE edition.


@MaximusPrime Thanks! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

@Zero Thanks! I can post a breakdown if you want to.

@PakariNation99 It’s not something lego might do, but it makes more sense for a canister to be made if it’s used in the set.

@Kan Thanks!

@Xephix Either that or Bionicle on Mars!


Awesome! I like how the transport looks and the way you integrated the canister into its design.

Canister utilization at its finest.

I’m getting a real Oregon trail vibe from this MOC…


@Leoxandar Thank You!

@Xing1870 It probaby would have been better to do the hexagonal pattern that was in the movie, but that would have been much more difficult. Thanks for the comment!

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Like an 2004 System set, but with a few modern twists. Nice job!

Also reminds me of this:

If only because of the color scheme and the shared piece on the front.

@Toa_BionicleFactory That’s interesting. They do serve a similar purpose. Thanks for the comment!

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