Matoro MOCs: Makuta Verakion, Horror of Bara Magna

After the Great Spirit's departure, the Great Beings decided to create another Makuta to repopulate their fragmented planet's wildlife. The result was the greatest horror ever seen by Agori eyes. He was brutal, cruel, and intelligent. He often killed Agori and Glatorian when he created creatures, and more often than not killed the resulting monstrosity. When the Great Being's found out about Verakion's crimes, they sent a Great Being to eliminate the Antidermis-Powered entity. Verakion slaughtered his creator, leading the Great Beings to send him to Bota Magna, where he created giant biomechanical reptiles. He wore the Kanohe Deratho, the Great Mask of Sonics.

Here he is with his weapon, The Scythe of Death. This weapon was capable of making the victim hallucinate their own death in the way they most feared, usually leaving them in a permanent or temporary state of unconsciousness.

The obligatory back picture. He is missing a piece that I couldn't find, but other than that, that's all I got. Please critique (if you feel like it, I'm not forcing you to)

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That scythe tho!

The great beings did create the Makuta though, not Mata Nui. Hey were made to be the creators of Rahi.



So this update takes away the weird fins on his shoulders, and adds more armor, to both the back, the arms, and a bit to the legs. It also alters the weapon a little bit, changing the direction of the blades at the bottom and removing the tubes, making the MOC much more posable.


He now has Kraata storage. Kraata can fit under the Metru Armor and into the gap in the Vahki leg.
More visible here is that he has new feet that make him infinitely more stable, and it also fixes the gappy HF feet design.