Matoro reviews Kopaka, Master of Ice

70788 Kopaka, Master of Ice
Kopaka is a great set. There’s really not much wrong with him at all. He’s got a very good look, with extremely good armor coverage and some great functions. The first thing I’ll go over is the look, which is extremely solid, and finally makes him look like he could hold his own in a fight. Past versions of Kopaka either looked awkward (01) or really nerdy (02 and 08), and this one finally makes him look…. Well, cool. His armor coverage is also quite impressive, and he introduces something I’ve not seen before in CCBS in his lower legs, that being armor on both sides of a “bone.” As for his functions, the most important is obviously the return of the gearbox, which works great. He is one of 3 sets that only has one arm connected to the gear system, which makes sense considering that one arm holds his shield. The other major function is his “adrenaline mode” where his shield splits apart and becomes “skates” which are skates in the same way that his 02 weapons became skis.
In conclusion, Kopaka’s definitely my favorite 2015 set, with great construction, great weapons, and a genuine improvement on all previous versions of this character.


I had to change one thing with his shield but other than that i agree, great set

Wait, the adrenaline mode is supposed to be SKATES? If anything, THESE should be skis, and the '03 alt mode should be skates.

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