Matoro Reviews Tahu, Master of Fire

Hello everyone, this is the topic where I'll be posting my reviews of Bionicle sets. Today I'll be going over my favorite and least favorite sets from 2015.
70787 Tahu, Master of Fire
Tahu was a bit of a disappointment for me. In the promotional artwork, he looked really cool. However, in person, it looks much less appealing. His legs are way too long, and he really only looks good standing straight up or in a very low crouch. His shoulderpads are awkward, and I can’t help but think this could have been fixed simply by putting the shoulderpads on the torso instead of the gearbox. The shoulderpads also make the function awkward and hard to use.

His weapons are the high point of the set, consisting of two sets of swords. The first set is reminiscent of his 01 weapon, being a simple sword. The other set are a pair of lava blades that look a lot like his 02 weapons, or perhaps Lhikan’s swords from 04. One thing I really liked is that the weapons can be easily stored no matter which set you’re using, thanks to some handy technic bits on the back. This is a bit of a first for Bionicle, as weapon storage has never really been done before. The other feature of the weapons is of course forming his lavaboard, which looks amazing, and providea a good way of keeping Tahu upright (which can be difficult in some poses). Also included in the box is Tahu’s golden mask, which is a nice touch considering how hard the golden masks were to find in 01.
Overall, Tahu’s a bit of a low point for Bionicle 2015, with bad design choices and an awkward look being the most obvious cons.


You seem to be forgetting the Toa Metru.

And seriously? 5/10 for Tahu? Sure, his design isn't the greatest, but he looks awesome, the functions work very well (despite the shoulders, those aren't so well) but a 5/10 is not just for Tahu. More like a 7/10.

maybe I'm a bit harsh, but I just don't see a lot fo good in Tahu.

Of the three I have so far, Tahu is my least favourite, after Pohatu and Kopaka.

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Besides the $20 price tag, Tahu's functions and weapons (don't forget amazing pose-ability) add to the playability of this set. The mask popping off, the enemy that comes with it (which is a nice touch, seeing we only get LOSS as the main villain), and two different weapons to choose from. Also the colors are nicely distributed and, although not armored well in the legs, it still is a great set.

You're positives even outweigh the negatives, so I don't see why it's a 5/10.

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Seems fitting that you would give the ice toa a near perfect score, and the fire toa a low score.

believe me, it was not intentional. I had great expectations for Tahu. the set unfortunately just didn't meet those expectations. But I do think 5/10 is too low. maybe a 6.5/10

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