Matoro’s Rahi: sales pitch

Until I decide what to do about getting some parts I need, I’m going to reuse parts I have to work on my MOCing. Here’s my first Rahi moc, sold from the shop matoro had back in his Metru Nui days. Hope you enjoy.


Very nice and all, but I would not recommend moccing with Takanuva’s parts for the risk of shattering any sockets. I can see several are already split, and replacements could be hard to obtain in such a large quantity.


I’ll see about getting more “average” parts once I’m out of quarantine. Are there any sources you’d recommend?

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Ah this build looks pretty good.

Does it have a name?

Why does it have pins on its back?

I was originally planning to fit a saddle on it for matoran, but the Rahi ended up being too small. I’d like to make a mount rahi soon.

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Thanks. I’m calling in the “koko bird”. It was made in ko-metru, and reminds me of a dodo.


Ah sounds good. :slight_smile:

Is it Koko for cocoa puffs?


:laughing: how did i miss that?