Matoro: Sand blues

Wanted to make Matoro with his classic sand blue… here we go. Nothing special, generic Inika.

I wish he would have been resurrected, but then it wouldn’t have been as impactful, eh?


Very nice! The sand blue goes with the white pretty well. Though the neck feels a little long

Yeah I felt that too, but it looked stubby with the 3L axle

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hmmm, how does it look with a 3l axle?

Saw fingers and thought this was a heyzorks moc at first.

One of the best designs to incorporate a Mctoran foot!


Very nice, however I feel like his neck is a bit too long.

Ninjago made this mistake 3 times :skull:


Simple, yet effective. Good job!

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3 times? You underestimate Ninjago

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nice moc, i appreciate the fingers

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It’s a nice upgrade. The neck is definitely a bit off, and the feet seem a bit over-built, but sacrifice is necessary for the holy sand blue :pray:


Great build.
Looks…familiar lol

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