Matoro's Newest MoC Jerry

Well here it is made in like 20 mins

does not have a name yet maybe you guys can name him


He’s pretty good for a 20 minute build, compared to my mocs.


His spear seems a little tall, but that’s my only real complaint. The Ehlek spines on the back are a little odd, but they’re okay I suppose.

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Changed the Topics category to Lego Creations.

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Pretty cool for only 20 minutes.

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Call him Jerry.


I’m surprised those lime green pieces didn’t brake


We should have a poll on what this tall green leprechaun should be named! :smile:


I like the consistent color scheme, and how you used the Ehlek spines!

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For a name(for all those that have seen Over The Hedge), Steve?

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i know i totally understand stupid toa mahri halhi

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well, she’s not stupid, only her lime pieces are :smile:


Your posing is quite awkward…


yes i rushed this topic but in the future i will pose differntly @Risebell y u change topic name it made sence

name it fredrick mcdinklewomp

may I ask, what was the original topic name?

I’m going to presume that all your MOCs will be Inika Builds since you love that system so much?

Pretty good actually, colors are done well. I don’t really like how the Ehlek spikes work or the way that blade on the shoulder is placed, though. I would name him Garidran.

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Steve’s a pretty name.

I love quirky names for MOCs. The working name for my Toa Hunter used to be Clarence the Swamp Dragon.


Okay so
Whats with you and assymetry on legs
the right one has gali mistika shoulder armour, and the left one uses something different

Matoro new moc 3/17/15

Date is out of place, and it technically speaking, does not make sense

because matoro lacks and 's