Matoro's Newest MoC Rahi Vortixx 1

I know its not a Vortixx, but I don't know the name of a Bio-mechanical Rahi with four legs.

@Calvatron I hope you're happy ( no a-symmetry ).


Just make up something that sounds vaguely Polynesian.

Anyway, I like the color scheme and such, and it look animalian enough. I might have preferred a head that doesn't use the humanoid face.


I don't really have any

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Tip: Flip masks around to have a completely new face!


Rahi in 2001 or 2002 used haus and rurus.

But not on their faces.
(Except for the Tarakava, but even then, the mask only covered its nose.)


I agree with the notion that the head could be changed, and I'd provide a picture to help, but it may not be the greatest help in the world:

It may not be the most complex head design in the world, but it works for me. Just use one of the connectors introduced in the Toa Metru sets (where they were used for the thighs and upper arms), a stud w/ technic pin piece, a Barraki eye, and a Bohrok shield.

I hope this helps! smile


huh, not bad

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I can deal with it

neh meh

it's not that bad

but it's like

Hewkii Mahri
met the Visorak


Looks like something I would have made back in the day. Sigh relaxed

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