Matoro's Newest MoC TOA JERICO

What a random name, anyway here's my newest MoC as of 3/31/15.

Post below on you're thoughts.


It's a recolored worse Matoro Inika. I really just can't find anything good about this MOC. It's spindly, uses a mask diametrically opposed to the color scheme, and uses Piraka feet when it looks like a hero. Also, you placed the right shoulder armor 1 space too low.
Actually 2/10. I didn't notice the Metru and Rahkshi limbs


. . . Did nuparu put on Matoro's head?

Anyway I'll have to agree with call. I guess it's alright though?


Inika builds are bad.
Look up how to do a custom torso.


inika builds are awesome!!

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No... They really aren't.


Only if you do something really creative with the inika build, such as adding custom armor plates. Otherwise, having a single generic Inika chest plate looks bland.

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This MOC would be fine without the Piraka feet and Matoro's head

Now I wait for the hate...

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Point out where they went off topic, please.

For the MOC itself.....


I'm sorry, but I can't do it.

I can't find anything positive about this, The limbs are spindly, the mask is horribly off color, and to top it off the posing is still horrendous.

I don't mean to be rude, but either you don't have enough parts, or you might need to try out some custom stuff.


yes that's it

Yes that's what?

the solution


Constructive criticism is a concept we've only vaguely heard of.

I'd personally (with admittedly little experience in the way of MoCing) suggest that you try to perhaps liven things up a bit. Even if you do like Inika builds, perhaps try for a new color scheme that hasn't been done before. Or perhaps go for something a bit fresher altogether, like an entirely new build.

Hey man

Are you saying people with ugly feet can't be heroes?



This could theroeticaly be 1 of teh toa that we didn't see yet. Good job. Pretty muhc canon.


They aren't "bad" persay, just overused
Plus, give him a while, don't expect him to start trying out the custom side of things immiediently.

as for the moc, matoro, this is the first moc I can safely say, has nothing wrong with it at first glance, nothing i s really our of place (cept for the mask)
On the other hand, this thing is quite boring
even though people are blindly hating on you here, this is just an inika build

This is the first moc MatoroMovement has made that hasn't tried to blind me or looks horrendous, so I will give him praise on that

unfortunatly, this is very uninspired, boring, and has a meh and uninteresting colourscheme

I wouldn't suggest trying custom anythings just yet, because it will look worse

I would suggest looking at some of @Chronicler or @ToaKylerak's inika build mocs, (never thought I would say that before, admittably, the mocs themselves are nice)

and by look, I don't mean directly copy.

also note to some people cough cough rise, casper, and garnira (canon fodder) cough cough, instead of making fun of this moc , help him improve. :confused:

Overall, the moc as itself is pretty meh, but I see room for improvement
I won't give this a proper score though.


Well, I'm flattered! Yes, take a good look at them. They could help you become inspired with the Inika build.


If you want to actually convince people that the Inika build is awesome and worth building in, the least you could do make MOCs that are actually cohesive and unique, and not simply sets with a few parts mix-and-matched.

I like the concept that this guy seems to have, but to be honest this isn't a MOC. It's plagiarism of official sets.


Whatever, I made a new moc and will be a new topic plus it combines technic, inika build, plus ccbs.


Well thanks, :slight_smile: I dont know why people hate the Inika build its as limited as CCBS. BTW most of the critics against the inika build used it before in their mocs at some time or another.
@TheMatoroMovement I like the concept of your moc but I would suggest adding an accent of white to the moc by using those barraki teeth and white lego studs. I liked the color choices but just disperse the colors. What you could also do to make it more awesome is finding new ways to place on armor or build armor on armor. Find ways to use feet and hand pieces for armor and I always think of how a moc's flexibility is which yours is. I would say that though I wouldnt use ccbs, if you do use it wisely by only using it for flexibility or for anything that classic Bionicle couldn't do otherwise. But in all use pieces in ways that you havent used them before.
And remember its your moc, build it like you want it.